Astrology Consultation Testimonials

“As someone with very little knowledge of astrology, I find Rae’s readings to be like a mini class as well as an enlightening and grounded interpretation of the times. She is about practicality and empowerment, and I always find myself nodding my head as she clearly articulates something that has only been a dark inkling for me before. At the end of the session, I feel inspired, connected to the wholeness and magic of the universe, and ready to take on the work I need to do to fulfill the opportunities that she has illuminated for me.” ~ Rebecca, LAc.


"Rae has a gentle heart and is very down to earth. The information she brought to my reading was amazing: life affirming and very truthful. What was most fascinating to me is that she relayed a very specific message back to me as a major theme in my chart that had been told to me in my dreams. My time with Rae was empowering and inspiring. I never thought I would be a guy recommending an astrologer, but I have done it before and will do it again."  ~ Jonathan


“I want you to know that there have been numerous occasions when insight you shared or suggestions you made have helped me transform old habits, see things anew, and embody actions that feel true to me.” ~ I.D.


“Rae spins a web of very tangible and practical advice using her intuitive and scientific astrology skills.  As a result of applying her teachings, I transformed my perception of external circumstances and gained wisdom into how I could be more effective. Rae’s astrological consultations are effective in guiding her clients into the realms of improving relationships, developing prosperity and creating heart-centered business, learning from periods of illness and moving into periods of physical health and well-being. Save yourself some blood, sweat and tears and go see her soon!”  ~ Cassandra