September 19, 2019

Libra: the scales, and the implications of equilibrium. When we think about coming into balance, we often perceive it as something we need to create. Balance doesn't always need to be made. It's something we can find if we look for it...

September 20, 2018

In moments like these, the best medicine is to spend as much time at your center as possible. Your center can be accessed through connecting with your body, your breath, or the sensations of the present moment. From your center, you can witness all of these various pul...

September 20, 2018

When the sun transits through the sign of the scales, it's time to bring our lives back into balance. Balance is at best a moving target, and often merely an ideal. We don't attain balance, and then check "get in balance" off our list. It's an ong...

March 14, 2018

We are all at the center of our own stories, trying to outrun our fears or move towards our desires. Hopefully we stop to remember, honor and support the people in our lives who make all that fear and desire worth it. And hopefully we make time for stillness, so we can...

March 13, 2018

Many people think of spring equinox as a time of new beginnings. It certainly feels that way, but what happens at this point in the year is actually acceleration and a shift from internal growth (begun at winter solstice) to external growth.

September 20, 2017

Your guiding animal for this month is the seagull, a creature of versatility. Seagulls move gracefully in the air, on land, and in the water. They have a wide ranging diet, and have many different sounds and calls. The life of a seagull is not either/or. It is yes/and.

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March 18, 2020

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