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Astrology, Herbs & energy Classes

"Material stuff ties you down, but ideas can take you anywhere." - K. C. Cole

Every time we learn something, we gain internal resources, and new understandings of ourselves, our capabilities, and our place in the world.

Contact me if you'd like to host any of these classes in or outside of the Bay Area. All classes include meditations, engaging lectures, interactive experiences, and a good dose of centering magic, taught with reverence and wonder, interspersed with humor, imagery, hands-on experiments, and clear, organized information that gives students the ability to utilize and creatively improvise with what they've learned.

Infusing Heaven & Earth: Astrology for Medicine Makers

Learn how to potentize your herbal medicine by harnessing specific energetic qualities from the solar system. Fine tune your understanding of working with the elements, the moon, eclipses and solstices, connect with the power of the sun, and align your medicines with the major planets. This class includes engaging lectures, stories, samplings of medicines infused under specific astrological indications, and much more. You'll go home with your own medicine making calendar to help you time your herbal creations for optimal energetic alignment.

Part of the Cecemmana 1st year herbalist training program at Ancestral Apothecary, Oakland, CA

Astrology & Herbs: Topical Applications

Where attention goes, energy flows. Learn how to use herbs topically to help direct and strengthen your healing focus. We'll explore how astrology helps us understand where in our body, life, and mind to put our herbs and our attention. This class includes engaging lectures, stories, meditations, samplings of topical medicines, and much more.

Timing is Everything: An Astrological Literacy Class

This popular class introduces you to the art of working practically with astrology throughout the year, using an astrological calendar as a "textbook". Learn how to think and plan like an astrologer by timing your life with the flow of the moon, sun and planets. This class demystifies the effects of retrograde planets, and clarifies working with lunar energy and cycles.