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Mentorship Testimonials

"I almost feel like words cannot express how much Rae has helped me become more connected with myself and the true meaning of loving life. She has been there throughout the years as a source of support and love with energetic healing and good advice. Rae is definitely someone special and truly a guiding beacon of light on the path to healing. She is gifted with the ability to see clearly and communicate effectively to anyone the alternate perspective that they are seeking in order to break though their obstructions. She has helped me immensely.” ~ Ellie

"I have worked with Rae since 2008, and have referred my most beloved friends to her, who have in turn referred their most beloveds. Rae is like a spirit shepherd, she understands the ley of the land, she is finely tuned to spirit and the great meta and micro cycles of our planet and galaxy, she is gentle and mighty. She has impeccable professional boundaries.” ~ C. Z.

"Rae creates an actively collaborative experience, and held space for me to be present with my energy, and in roughly an hour, gave me a significant lesson in working with my own energy body, a landscape, for which I now have a map." ~ Corinne


“I recently scheduled a mentorship session with Rae, our first in different regions of the country, and I can hardly articulate the effectiveness of our one-hour together.  I went into the appointment fatigued and stressed, and I came out with an understanding of my full potential self."   ~ J.M.

“My chest and upper back restriction and corresponding anxiety had been a problem for over 6 months. Rae’s guided breathing and thoughtful visualization techniques resulted in a powerful, productive physical and emotional release. I appreciated Rae’s healing approach - restoring balance through skillful intuitive guidance and an engagement in a healing partnership.  I left the session feeling not only relief from my symptoms, but confidence in my own healing capacity.” ~ J.H.

“Rae's guidance during mentorship is gentle, intuitive, compassionate, empathetic, light hearted, trustworthy, and comforting. She led me to discover strength, a sense of grounding, courage, and connection to an area of my body where I had felt a lacking and disconnection for years. With so much in my physical life that had me feeling fearful and unsure, Rae's innate capacity to heal and facilitate healing, left me with a calm and secure feeling.” ~ L.D.

"Rae’s Toning Session (voice-focused mentorship session) is amazing! It amounts to a full work out for the insides of your body. I have never experienced anything like it. Rae has the demeanor of a Buddha; she is patient, considerate, caring, receptive and attentive to one’s individual needs. Her slow deliberate pacing took me out of time and allowed for my full concentration on the exercises; the lesson had the calm, soothing quality of a meditation. She also radiates a trustworthiness that allowed me to immediately relax, knowing I was in good hands. She is thorough and recapped everything so I could practice at home. I can’t recommend her Toning Session more highly." - Dean


"My Toning Session (voice-focused mentorship session) with Rae was a deeply calming experience. She provided me with a number of exercises that I could use independently to move energy through the body, and express sound in an evocative manner. I left the session feeling relaxed and grounded. Rae's demeanor is welcoming and attuned to the client. The exercises provided were specific to my individual needs." - Nina

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