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Jupiter in Capricorn

Jupiter in Capricorn: 12/2/19 - 12/16/20

Jupiter spends about a year in each sign, defining where we are exercising our faith for that year. When we exercise our faith, we take bold leaps because we have confidence that we will land well. We feel connected to a sense of mission - that something bigger than us is motivating our decisions and actions. As Jupiter moves through Capricorn - a sign concerned with building tangible and lasting structures - we feel this faith guide us to take bigger actions, to build towards what we really and truly believe in, and to perhaps create something bigger than we have previously dreamed possible.

Slow Processes... Quicken!

Pluto and Saturn are slow-moving planets that impel us into long, effortful, arduous processes. They've been in Capricorn for a while now (see below), and so we've been mired in feelings of futility and/or drudgery as we find ourselves taking one step back for every two steps forward. Jupiter, however, is quicker, and has a rising and expanding energy, so whatever it is that you've been feeling stuck in... rest assured, things are about to get interesting!

What's been building slowly in your life in the past 2-3 years?

What would a major leap forwards in that area of your life look like?

How can you prepare yourself for that change in pace and flow?

Plan some Vacay's

Jupiter's dark side is overextension and over-doing. In the sign of ambitious Capricorn, that could easily topple into workaholism, or taking on more than one can realistically handle. A certain amount of ambition towards improving things in the world, and/or in our own lives motivates and inspires us. But too much ambition can disconnect us from the present, from the joys of life in the here and now.

No matter how hard we work, there will always be flaws, imperfections, and things yet to be done. So remember to rest along the way. One of Jupiter's techniques for enjoying life and gaining fresh perspective is to take a vacation. The Jupiter style is to either get out in nature, or visit a foreign country to get a new perspective on your usual digs.

Take bold leaps towards your bigger goals

There is only so much a single human can do in a life. As Jupiter moves through Capricorn, we are given an opportunity to build substantially towards what we really believe in.

What do you really want to accomplish in this lifetime?

What would you like to leave behind for the benefit of others once you're gone?

Build in alignment with your beliefs

Consider what you would do if you wanted to physically jump a great distance. First, you would strengthen your stance. You would grip the earth you are on, and feel its solidity as a springboard for your vault. This is like setting a good foundation before building a house. One of Capricorn's shadow expressions is misguided ambition, so connecting with your beliefs before you proceed any further can help to mitigate this problem.

What do you believe in?

How can you build something that expresses and exemplifies your beliefs?

How can your very process of building exemplify your beliefs?

Invite buoyancy into what's heavy

Capricorn can generate too much effort and seriousness, which leads to feelings of heaviness. Because Pluto (death and rebirth) and Saturn (longterm effort) have been traveling through Capricorn (Pluto since 2009, and Saturn since 2016), most of us have built up some heaviness in various parts of our lives. Jupiter's transit through Capricorn is an opportunity to bring some levity and hope into situations that feel dreary, and some noticeable forwards motion into anything that has felt slow or stuck.

Is there any unnecessary ballast you might jettison to help lighten your load, and leap forwards with more ease and grace towards a successful landing?

What will help you lighten your attitude, so that you can feel buoyant no matter what's happening around you?

Tend your hips and lumbar spine

When we take a leap, we power and stretch ourselves forwards from our hips. Since Capricorn has a relation to the skeletal structure of the body, and Jupiter relates to the hips and lumbar spine, it's a good idea to tend and strengthen this area of your body this year.

As Jupiter moves through Capricorn, there could be a tendency to overstretch or overwork the hips and sacrum. If you develop or already have tenderness here, work with an expert (a physical therapist or an experienced one-on-one Yoga or Pilates teacher) to identify how best to stabilize, strengthen, and open this part of your body. Capricorn teaches us we are rewarded for applying right effort, so any work you put into this area of your body will indeed pay off.

Here's wishing you a year of leaps forwards in the direction of your biggest and truest dreams. With warmth - Rae


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