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Jupiter in Sagittarius

B'Bye to... Jupiter in Scorpio: 10/10/17 - 11/8/18

Jupiter spends about a year in each sign, giving us an annual paradigm of belief, opportunity, expansion and a sense of the future. Jupiter's transit through Scorpio was a year of internal leaps -

☞ of illuminating the deep recesses of our psyches to reveal and resolve hidden emotions that cause patterns of behavior that no longer serve us;

☞ of illuminating patterns of power dynamics in relationships - where we hold power, where we give it away, and ideally moving towards sharing power.

Hello to... Jupiter in Sagittarius: 11/8/18 - 12/2/19

After much personal delving, we are now renewed, re-ignited, galvanized, and drawn out into humanity - and beyond - into the numinous. This year:

Seek a sense of meaning that transmutes your pain and loss into positive action in the world.

How can you transmute your pain through creative action into something that inspires and heals within the human community?

Court the vastest spaces of your mind.

What blows your mind?

What/who/where inspires you?

Maybe it's travel to foreign cultures, sacred sites, or remote places in nature. Maybe it's meditation, prayer, or rituals.

Maybe it's learning - go to school, take classes or lessons, or commit to some personal study.

Engage with whatever it is that opens you to a vaster sense of being that helps you feel in touch with something greater than you.

Go beyond the day-to-day of life.

Embark on a quest.

Quest and question come from the same root word that means to search. You won't find anything meaningful if you aren't looking for something meaningful in the first place. So first, ask some good questions:

Why are you here, now, in this time and place, in the body you have, with the ancestry you have?

What good can you impart in the world in this brief and precious human life of yours?

What fills you with a sense of purpose and direction?

And then seek some answers -

Travel in the world, or in your mind through meditation and inquiry.

Study, or take classes or private lessons with a teacher that connects you with your own wisdom.

Above all, BELIEVE in what you truly love.

What seems impossible becomes possible when we are filled with conviction and purpose. Conversely, when we do not truly believe in something - or in ourselves - it's pretty hard to manifest something or inspire others to help us in our mission.

Faith gives us courage to move in the direction our hearts tell us,

despite fear, insecurity, opposition, and setbacks.

Where is your faith shaky?

Where is your faith solid?

And... what do you really love?

Bolster your faith in the things you love.

And let go of the things that are not in alignment with your heart.

Here's wishing you a year of heart-ful leaps, inspired quests, vast spaces, and profound inspiration. With warmth, Rae


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