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LIBRA 2019

Libra: the scales, and the implications of equilibrium. When we think about coming into balance, we often perceive it as something we need to create. We feel like we need to change things, and often like we need something or need to do something. If we've been working too much, we think, "I need to rest and play more." If we are lonely, we think, "I need to see some friends." This can be an effective approach, but here's another perspective on balance:

Notice the balance that already is.

If you're overworked, what is at rest around you? What is at rest in your body right now, without any adjustment on your part? Can you notice the play of light on various surfaces in your midst? Are there crows goofing around outside? Where do rest and play already exist? Can you take that in as your own experience?

If you're lonely, in what ways do you already, in this moment, feel connected to others, without even reaching out to them through your phone or a visit, but just by remembering them, feeling your mutual care for each other? How does your body relate with your mind? What mutual care exists between you and your body, between you and your environment?

This is at once both a reaching out into the world around you, and an unearthing of what is already within you. Balance doesn't always need to be made. It's something we can find if we look for it. Balance is nature's way.

Sun in Libra: 9/23/19 - 10/23/19

Visit this post for herbs, insights and meditations to work with throughout the solar month of Libra.

Autumnal Equinox: 9/23/19 at 12:50 am PDT

Visit this post for insights and meditations to help you align with the autumnal balancing point, when the sun aligns with the equator. Use this handy website to find the Equilux (day of equal day/night) in your area. The equinox and equilux fall on the same day at the equator, but not anywhere else on the globe. I learned this from my dear friend, Brenda Hutchinson, and her Daily Bell project.

Super New Moon in Libra: 9/28/19 at 11:26 am PDT

This new moon asks us to do things differently... radically differently. Take an absolutely unusual approach, and you will find yourself in true alignment on this day, and throughout this lunation. Meet new people. Interact with new communities. If you're surprising yourself, you're on the right track. You'll also benefit from looking at the usual Libra inquiries today as well. Mercury enters the shadow of its approaching retrograde (10/31 - 11/20/19) around this time as well.

Rumblings from the deep: 10/2 - 10/3

Pluto has been in retrograde motion in Capricorn since mid April, offering us opportunities to see the hidden motivations behind our goals and trajectories more clearly. As this distant planet that rules power, buried treasure, and processes of death-and-rebirth stations direct, we can start to apply any treasure we've unearthed into empowered and empowering actions that transform our lives and communities. Take note of any interesting events and encounters on or around these days, and consider...

What are the meeting grounds of your true strengths and your passions?

How might you apply your strengths to best serve the human community?

Full Moon in Aries: 10/13/19 at 2:08 pm PDT

Pluto plays a strong role in this full moon, so you may wish to revisit the above inquiries at this time. When working with the Aries-Libra polarity, we face questions of self-interest versus consensus, self-assertion versus compromise, and action versus grace. See what insights you might garner through facing these Aries inquiries consciously, and see how things go when you apply Libra's gift of grace and equanimity to your actions and assertions.

Next month...

Mercury retrogrades in Scorpio, inviting us to get curious about what's going on beneath the surface of things. Feel free to schedule a private session here, and here's wishing you a balancing and beautiful Libra month - Rae


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