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Simple Remedies for Complicated Times

Here are some *remedies* I use as soon as I feel the slightest bit of sickness coming on, or if I know I have been exposed to pathogens, but am not yet showing any symptoms.

*Please note, I am a folk herbalist and intuitive healer, but not a doctor. These are remedies that work for me, but by all means, if you feel sick, please contact your health care provider before trying these.*


Stay calm, but be proactive. Cold/flu/virus germs incubate in the throat & sinuses, so if you can get anti-viral/bacterial/fungal agents in those areas as soon as you start feeling a little under the weather - run-down, achy, a little sore throat/sneeze/runny nose, you can kill the germs before they form a stronghold, and spread into more sensitive areas of the body, such as the lungs, etc.


☞ Warm up 4-6oz water, add 1/2 tsp. salt & 1 dropper-full of olive leaf tincture (nasty stuff, but it is your friend if you're sick).

☞ Gargle with this, and swallow the mixture after each gargle, rather than spitting it out.


☞ Put steaming hot (not boiling) water in a wide vessel, at least the width of your noggin.

☞ Add several drops of any of these essential oils - lavender, tea tree, eucalyptus.

☞ Set a timer for 15 minutes.

☞ Position your head over the vessel, drape a towel over your head and around the vessel to create a steam tent.

☞ Close your eyes, and breath in/out through your nose for most breaths, and in/out through your mouth occasionally too.

☞ Lavender is also calming to the nerves.

☞ Eucalyptus opens the sinuses.

☞ Tea tree & eucalyptus are more awakening.

Feel free to mix and match.


☞ Yin Chiao - this is a Chinese herbal formula available in pill form in most health food stores and natural remedy stores. If you start taking this as soon as you start to feel unwell (follow instructions on the bottle for dosage), you can often kick an illness out of your system before it sets up camp.

☞ Drink fresh ginger tea - grate about 2 inches of ginger per quart of boiling water. For best results, steep in a thermos.


Good supplements to take to prevent viral infection -

☞ Lysine, an amino acid that helps the body work more effectively with viruses. You could also increase fruits and vegetables in your diet to get more dietary lysine.

☞ "Stamets 7" mushroom capsules - antiviral & supports immune system.

☞ Drink fresh ginger tea - grate about 2 inches of ginger per quart of boiling water. For best results, steep in a thermos. Yes, this is good for prevention as well as for once you're sick.


☞ Drink nervine teas now to support a calm feeling and good mood. This will improve your immune system's function. Lemon balm is a great choice, and also has some antiviral characteristics.

☞ Five Flower Formula (AKA Rescue Remedy) is also good for staying a bit more even keel.

☞ Take deep breaths often, with long, slow exhalations throughout the day. This will both calm your nervous system, and also detoxify your lungs.

Lift your Mood

Whether you feel sick or well, your immune system will be stronger if your mood is elevated.

☞ Engage with people who make you happy, or make you laugh.

☞ Listen to music that makes you feel good and/or at peace.

☞ Move your body mindfully. Dance, practice Yoga or Qigong, and/or go on walks in Nature.

☞ Take a candle-lit bath with oatmeal, and good smelling herbs or oils added.

☞ Clean out a drawer. Getting rid of unnecessary junk, and putting some little part of your life in order will have a rippling effect into other parts of your life and mind.

Be well, fellow-human. Take good care of yourself and those you love. Now and always. From my heart to yours - Rae


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