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I offer you two images for this month:

Consider a kite on a windy day. That kite is up there, flying around, glinting in the sunlight, radiant, rising up through the strata, swooping around in the wind currents, chattering in the breeze. It's also attached to a string, and ideally held fast by someone strong enough to keep it from being torn away by a gust. The vitality and beauty of the kite is reliant on those strong hands and arms, holding it fast down by terra firma.

Consider also the grounding cable in electricity. I've given you this metaphor before. It holds especially true now. Notice the positive charges (things you are attracted to and moving towards) and notice the negative charges (things you are repelled by and moving away from), but stay especially connected to the grounding cables in your life - those things that keep you present in your body, and in the here and now of the present moment.

This month...

Be bold. Be curious. Be radiant. Be electric. But by all means, be grounded.

Sun in Taurus: 4/20/19 - 5/21/19

2019's solar month of Taurus will challenge our assumptions about what is. Normally, this is the time of year when we connect with our values and aesthetics, and seek to attain and maintain "the good life" - whatever that is for us as determined by our values and aesthetics. However, upheaving, liberating, electrifying Uranus is in Taurus now (2018 - 2026), and this shakes up the usually stable and steady energy of the sign of the bull throughout the month, and especially on and around 4/22.

Although Taurus likes stability, get thee out of thy routines:

How can you shake things up, and do things differently?

Which stabilizing elements of your life are stifling, and which are truly nourishing?

What really matters to you?

If you feel stuck in any area of your life, do anything differently, court innovation - talk to different people (such as an inventive & innovative astrologer), try a new approach, consider an alternate route - a path less traveled.

Re-calibrating the Proverbial compass...

The first week and a half of this solar month instills inquiry not only into the way things are (Taurus stuff), but also into the way things are going (Capricorn stuff).

Pluto stations retrograde on 4/24 (until 10/3/19), and Saturn stations retrograde on 4/29 (until 9/18/19), both in the goal-oriented and future-building sign of Capricorn. Watch for significant events throughout 4/23 - 4/30 for insight into ways you may need to restructure your bigger life plans, or perhaps realign your overall direction.

These retrogrades are part of a general trend towards retrograde motion in the farther parts of our solar system - Jupiter stationed retrograde last month, and Neptune will also station retrograde in a couple months. These retrogrades all indicate different facets of rethinking:

Jupiter asks us to rethink or realign with our beliefs.

☞ Pluto asks us to to face our hidden motivations - i.e. consider what psychological motivations are directing your goals, and then decide if you're actually on the right course.

Saturn asks us to restructure - consider the architecture of your life, and what may need to be overhauled, overthrown, added on, rebuilt, or retrofitted.

New Moon in Taurus: 5/4/19 at 3:45 pm PDT

A Taurus new moon is an earthy moon, and an earthy time when it's good to plant seeds, and get our actual & proverbial gardens in order. But on 5/4, there's another energy underlying the earthiness - a curious energy, something more excitable and unpredictable than the usual steady Taurean vibe. So tend your garden, but also get out and explore, be active, feel inspired, and learn something new. If you're in the East Bay, come check out my Qigong class.

For inquiries to consider and supportive herbs on this new moon, go here. But most importantly, follow your curiosity, and let it lead you to some new and exciting places.

Full Moon in Scorpio: 5/18/19 at 2:11 pm PDT

The Scorpio full moon has always felt like a paradox to me. Here we are, in the very height of springtime's vitality and bloom, and suddenly we need to plunge into the dark, damp, underground of Scorpio? But yes, it's true. That's precisely what we need to do at this time because the more we can draw up from our roots, the more vigorously, brilliantly, vastly, and truly we can bloom.

You'll find helpful inquiries for digging deep at this full moon here. For supportive herbs at this time, I recommend the roots mentioned at the bottom of this post.

So go into the deep, dark places in your psyche for regeneration at this full moon, but it's also crucial to engage your sense of humor at this time. Humor lightens our heart, and when our heart is light, we're more likely to see clearly, and find breakthrough solutions.

What comedy can you find in your problems?

What seems really serious right now that you might laugh about sometime in the future, when all the pain, frustration, and uncertainty has washed away?

Or, if things are just too heavy for you right now, and you can't see any humor in your own experience at the moment...

What/Who makes you laugh?

Go soak some of that funniness up, and get your laughing muscles primed and ready for more action.

Next month...

Things will hum along in a subtler way for a moment before we head into a wild and wooly summer. Schedule a private session to help set yourself up well for the breakthroughs that are coming your way. Here's wishing you a pleasurable and fruitful month - Rae


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