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Cantigee - Sample Chapter

Wingless, You Fall into the Sea


Riddled with illness and curse, you seek a cure from the wise, old, bird, deep in the forest, whose name was long ago forgotten. When at last you meet the unnameable bird, it says nothing, but suddenly you find yourself flying on a charm of borrowed wings with a mind of their own across unknown distances. 


The wings carry you over shifting landscapes, to and beyond points of attainment and loss. They bare you to some unnamed shore, beyond the reaches of memory and hope. There, a phosphorescent seashell catches your eye. Once you pick it up, the wings lift and carry you out over the churning brine. A gust of wind rips the gleaming shell from your hand. It falls and shatters on an exposed rock, smooth as glass. In that moment, the curse and all spells within and around you are broken. Thus, your borrowed wings return immediately to their bird, the shattered shell fragments shoot into the sky to become twinkling stars, and the glass-like stone turns into a boat as - wingless - you fall into the sea.

wingless you fall into the sea.jpg


Resolve overwhelm by diving deeper. Go within instead of escaping into distractions. 



Falling without wings sounds like a turn for the worse, right? But it’s not so bad. Falling into the sea is much better than falling onto rocks or brambles. You’re a human. You’re not designed to fly, but you are designed to swim. 


We have three elements at play in this scenario. There is the departure from earth (reality and being grounded in the body), the flying about in air (thoughts, information, and/or interaction with people and electronic devices), and the falling into water (emotions and felt, intuitive sense of things - gut knowing). 



Earth: A departure from earth indicates that you’re overwhelmed by your reality. Truly, life can get terribly heavy, or you just plain hit your edges. When you’re drawn to this archetype, the first step is to acknowledge what’s challenging or painful for you right now. Just accept that it’s hard, and that it’s what is right now. But remember that things always change, which leads us to the air element.


Air: This card indicates that it’s time to use the air element skillfully, rather than getting lost in thought, distractions, details, information, the internet, or social drama. Instead, take some deep breaths, focusing especially on deepening your exhalations. Then curb your typical distractions, and let go of any unimportant pseudo-responsibilities. In this way, you’ll give yourself enough space, which is another skillful expression of the air element, and also paves the way for working skillfully with the water element.


Water: The critical step when you’re drawn to this archetype is connecting with how you’re really feeling. Then you’ll be able to respond skillfully to your needs and to the circumstances you find yourself in. The most skillful way to escape from the heaviness of the world and your responsibilities is to go within. But you need the support of the earth and air steps above in order to make this deep dive effectively. 


Once you know the truth of your own heart, you’ll know which direction to head in. Then you can get in the magical boat waiting for you, and use the stars to guide you to the shore of your dreams.



  • Let this card inspire you to fall into yourself - and to fall in love with what you find within.

  • Use this card to help you curb cravings for distraction - and to find inspiration in what emerges from deep within you.



Let these inquiries open you to receiving the gifts of this archetype:

  • What if I pause, and ask myself how I'm feeling the next time I long for outer stimuli?

  • What if I already know the answer I’m looking for?

  • What if I tune into myself with patience, courage, and care?


  • Go on an “internet fast.” For at least 24 hours, stay offline. What thoughts, emotions, inspirations, or memories come up for you when you are cut off from the realm of infinite distraction?

  • If you feel like you don’t have time to go within, track your time for at least a day, but ideally a week. Into what activities does your time actually go? Notice if there’s anything you can cut out that’s not actually a priority. Many people find that just the act of tracking what they’re doing stops them from doing things they don’t want to read on their list later.

  • Submerge yourself in water - whether you dive into a lake or soak in a tub, let the water envelope you completely. Hold your breath, or use a snorkel if you want to sustain the experience. Notice the sounds of the water and of your body. Notice the feeling of being enveloped in liquid. What comes up for you in this experience?



  • Create about the experience of being within water.

  • Create about falling as a form of surrender.



Ocean = Origin. On Earth, life began as single-celled organisms in the sea. And to this day, much of our nourishment comes from the sea - not only as seafood and seaweed, but also as the soul food of a day at the beach, or the wonder of stumbling upon tidal pools full of mysteriously undulating technicolor life forms. 


There are other, less savory items in the oceans these days, such as giant islands of plastic trash. What are some items you purchase in plastic containers that you can purchase without that packaging? Can you buy more things in bulk, or in paper or glass containers? Is there a recycling center in your area that will take non-recyclable plastic trash, and break it down for safer disposal? Or check out the resources at the end of this book to find some other ways you’d like to support the wellbeing of the oceans.

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