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Bay Area Healers:

Joe Hayama: fascial counterstrain osteo-therapy

John Luna Sparks: sports medicine acupuncturist

Kate August: clinical herbalist

Alicia Masiulis: acupuncturist & functional nutritionist

Rosalia Mariz: naturopath & homeopath

Kay Guyer: therapist for queer/trans/other-abled folks

Paolo Flores Chico: acupuncturist & Chinese herbalist

Rachael Sharkland: hakomi & somatic therapy


Seattle Healers:

Tripat Singh: acupuncturist, powerful & otherworldly

Patricia Kay: homeopath (Steamboat Island, Olympia)

Sugarpill: Seattle's finest herb shop


Philadelphia & NYC:

Rebecca Parker: acupuncture & herbs in Rockaway (NYC)

Stephanie Tyiska: Japanese acupuncture (Philadelphia)

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