Cantigee Oracle Deck & Book

An Ecological Spiritual Guide - by & for Artists & other Creatives

Cantigee translates as spells/incantations of the earth. This deck and guidebook connects -

☞ spiritual wisdom with practical actions;

☞ mystical experience with nature and environmentalism;

☞ intuition with creativity.

Art by Laura Zuspan, creator of the Luminous Void Tarot

Writing & conceptualizing by Rae Diamond

Each image connects with a fairy tale fragment, an explanation, specific guidance, practical actions to take, creative prompts, and an environmental connection.

Cantigee - Book Excerpts

"Fairy tale fragment" for Primary Nourishment image - 

As winter settles in, a pregnant bear curls her hulk upon a mass of moss and dry leaves. As winter trickles and blows outside her womblike cave, she drifts in and out of reverie as a cub grows within her womb. The darkness of the cave grows luminous with kaleidoscopic dreams of infinite milk - milk forming within her, a genetic coil of the milk of her mother and her mother’s mother and on back through the ages, an infinite spiral of nourishment that emerges from some mysterious primal source.

"Explanation" for Licking Dew from Green Leaves image -

To receive refreshment from dew rather than from a spring or creek implies a willingness to receive subtle nourishment that quenches some deeper thirst. This card is about gentleness, innocence, and freshness - awakening with a pure, open heart, sensitive and receptive to the power of the subtle. 

"Guidance" for Self Tending Fire image - 

When you’re drawn to this card, it’s time to turn your attention inwards, and stoke your inner light. If you are currently feeling strong desires for attention, experience, stimulation, or anything outside of yourself, it’s time to redirect your energy towards self understanding. Consider the adage, where attention goes, energy flows. Pay attention to yourself now - your body, your breath, your thoughts, your emotions, your intuitions. Be both the source and the recipient of your own energy, and see how that shifts and illuminates the world around you.


"Practical actions" for You Don't Know Where You Are, But You Are Free image -

Go to a completely unfamiliar city or neighborhood, and walk around without using your GPS. Let your intuition guide you. See if you can track your direction by the location of the sun, or the north star if it’s night. What do you discover, with all of your senses completely open?

"Environmental action" for Primary Nourishment image - 

Ultimately, all sources can be traced back to nature. Consider all the ways you are nourished by nature. How does this shift or deepen your relationship with the natural world? Is there any way you would like to make an offering to nature, and give back to that generous source, in gratitude and symbiosis?

"Creative prompt" for Self Tending Fire image - 

Express or convey an experience of luminosity​ or an experience of illumination - without heat. Just light.

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