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Buddhist, somatic, and herbal perspectives on western astrology.

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Link to astrology articles below:

2022 Year of the Water Tiger

2021 Year of the Metal Ox

Important Longterm Influences: 

Jupiter in Aquarius → (12/19/20 - 12/28/21)

Saturn in Aquarius → (3/21/30 - 3/7/23)

Jupiter in Capricorn → (12/2/19 - 12/16/20)

Saturn in Capricorn → (12/19/17 - 12/16/20)

Uranus in Taurus → (2018 - 2026) 

Chiron in Aries → (2018 - 2027)

Solar Months, New Moons & Full Moons:

Aries  |  Taurus  |  Gemini  |  Cancer  |  Leo  |  Virgo  |  Libra  |  Scorpio  |  Sagittarius  |  Capricorn  |  Aquarius  |  Pisces

Coming + Going influences:

Mercury Retrograde  |  Eclipses + Super Moons

Tools & Resources:

Working with Neptune  |  Building your own practice

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Other Writings

Art and nature are what I breathe. I also write about them.

Nature + Fairy Tale + Oracle =

Here's a peek at the book I've writtten to accompany an oracle deck painted by Laura Zuspan of the Luminous Void tarot. This project intertwines mysticism with environmentalism and self care. The Cantigee Oracle will be published in October 2022 by North Atlantic Books.

Poetry of an experimental nature...

including a series of poems about fox daemons as embodied forms of nature's intelligence, plus other nature inspired works:

and how to sustain oneself on dreams (a fox poem)

3 poems about foxes & birds

Long Tone Choir + other Listening Experiments:

I invite and explore altered states of consciousness through durational immersions in nature-inspired soundscapes and other sonic phenomena, with and without dancers and other musicians.