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Virgo & Late Summer

Sun in Virgo: Late Summer

We are immersed in these energies at this time, and we revisit the themes below at the full moon in Virgo, during the Pisces solar month.

Harvest Season

When the sun travels through Virgo, we encounter the fruits of our labors, as shaped by the environment and "weather" of our lives. Fruits - both actual and metaphorical - are ripening now. In the northern hemisphere, we scurry around like squirrels, tie up all the summer's loose ends, and gather up whatever we need for the colder seasons.

What are you harvesting in your life (relationships, projects, abundance, lack, health, etc) now?

Discernment, order + Simplifying

It's time to sort things out, decide what stays and what goes, put things away for leaner times, and generally get things in order. It's a list and task oriented time. Simplify your life in whatever ways you can, and return your attention to the task at hand, and to what is simple and clear and true.

A note about Perfectionism

Virgo wants things done - and done well. Virgo attends to tasks in a step by step manner until the greater work is completed. This is a realistic approach, which is quite different from the perfectionist approach Virgo is chastised for in popular astrology.

Perfectionists tend to get caught in the chasm between their beautiful dream and the flawed, plodding and sometimes painful aspects of reality and manifestation. They can get trapped in minutiae, and never quite get to the end of their work. This month, keep moving forwards, even if the going is slow and the endpoint seems to recede. You'll get there, one step at a time.

How will you sort and organize the fruits of your labors? What belongs where? What can be used up or tossed out, and what needs to be put away for future use?

What can you cut out that is merely cluttering your time and space?

Can you simplify your process? Is there an easier (but still thorough!) way to accomplish your tasks and goals?

Cultivating Wholeness

It's also time to honor your own wholeness, your sovereignty of self.

Is there anything you need to release that blocks you from your wholeness?

What steps do you need to take to move towards greater wholeness?

If there was nothing you needed to obtain or do, how would that shift your perception of yourself and your life as it is now?


After all the extreme activity and building of spring and early summer, the Virgo month is a moment when we catch our breath, and take a look at ourselves. This is often a time to catch up on self care, and bring some work-life balance into play. Many folks over-indulge during the Cancer & Leo months, so the digestive system might need a little cleaning out at this point in the year. It's important to enjoy the harvest season, though, so try to strike a balance between cleansing and yielding to life's simple pleasures.

What simple and grounding pleasures can you give yourself?

What one thing would most improve your level of self-care?

Building Skills

This is a time to take stock of and cultivate your skills. Some folks may find it's time to build new skills.

This requires a process of first learning - from masterful people, or from books if you're the self-teaching type - and then practicing. Whether you are building professional skills, self-care skills, or spiritual skills, the only way to get good at anything is to engage in it on a regular basis, and in a conscious way.

What would you like to be good at?

What's the best way to practice that skill, and a good rhythm to maintain your practice?

Herbs for the Virgo month:

FENNEL SEEDS support assimilation of all the activity & growth of spring & the earlier part of summer. Fennel also helps us see things more clearly and discerningly, and dispels wind in the guts, which is a common Virgo problem.

If you're experiencing inflammation, irritability, or a strongly critical attitude, I recommend OREGON GRAPE ROOT - either micro-doses (1-3 drops at a time, several times a day) of the root in tincture form, or the flower essence. Oregon Grape Root will support your guts, which is Virgo territory, and connect you with a sense of personal completeness just as you are. That's Virgo at its best.

SELF HEAL is a mint that supports the ability to heal and transform oneself. It is anti-viral & anti-bacterial, and encourages an inner commitment to wellness. Topically, it speeds the healing of wounds by drawing life-force to the point of application.

For a Deeper exploration of Virgo...

...feel free to schedule a consultation. Here's wishing you a bountiful harvest, and a gentle, yet steady approach to your work and to your self-care. Thanks for reading, Rae


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