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Qigong Lessons + Qigong Therapy


"Untie your knots;

soften your glare; 

settle your dust. 

This is your primal identity."

- Lao Tzu

Private Qigong lessons and Qigong therapy are a good option for you if you have unique issues you want to work through. My private students and patients have a wide range of specific needs, including particular developmental, neurological and physical conditions, chronic pain, degenerative diseases, post-operative complications, and injuries. I enjoy working with folks of all bodies, abilities, neurologies, and genders.

Schedule a single Session online, or Contact me if you'd like weekly private lessons at a custom time.


Benefits of Qigong:

☞ stimulates the parasympathetic nervous system (rest and digest mode)

☞ brings Qi and blood flow to specific areas of the body, which can help reduce inflammation/pain, and promote healing

☞ promotes an energized yet relaxed feeling

☞ improves mental focus

☞ deepens breath capacity

☞ gently detoxifies through the lungs, and through moving the lymph

☞ improves balance, coordination, flexibility & strength

☞ builds executive functioning skills (especially helpful for folks with ADHD)

☞ improves bone density

☞ boosts immunity

☞ gently strengthens core and other muscles without causing soreness during the muscle building phase

☞ improves circulation and heart health

☞ balances emotions

What you'll need:

Please wear sneakers, and clothes you can breathe and move easily in. If you need to sit, a stool is best, or a firm chair without arms can work.

Where, When & Pricing:

Remote sessions are via Zoom.

In person sessions take place at San Pablo Park in Berkeley, CA - please contact me to schedule an in-person session.

One hour lesson: $110

Recommended frequency: Once a week, or as needed.

More Information: 

I teach practices from various Qigong traditions, as well as many forms of meditation (Buddhist meditation techniques, Qigong and Nei Gong, Yoga Nidra, sound meditations, breath meditations, etc), and when appropriate, stretching from Yogic and Chinese Medicine traditions.

For more information about my training and background, please scroll down here.

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