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"The world is ruled by letting things take their course." - Lao Tzu

Mentorship is for developing and deepening your relationship with your own wisdom. This process is a great support through life transitions, and a way to "level up" when you feel stuck or plateaued.


Why this method works:

I am not the mentor. You are mentoring yourself to your own inner teacher, establishing and maintaining a connection to your own inner knowing. I am simply a guide for you in this process. Once you know clearly how to find your wisdom, it is always there for you.

Each Session:

We talk a bit, and then I guide you through specific practices based on your needs, inquiries and interests that you may continue to develop, adjust, and innovate in your own personal practice. The practical tools and insights you receive in these sessions help you further embody and trust your own inner voice. 


What kinds of practice?

It's your mentorship, so you get to choose what we work on together. The practices you'll learn are customized to your interests and needs. Energy and spiritual development practices are drawn from my backgrounds in Qigong, Reiki, Yoga, Buddhist meditation, breathing techniques, and  shamanic techniques. Creative practices, for those interested, are drawn from my work as a poet and prose writer, vocalist and composer, and visual artist. 

Tools to choose from:

☞ Qigong - body movements &/or energy meditations

☞ Meditation - & life practices to enhance your meditation

☞ Connecting with nature - land, plants, animals, etc.

☞ Yoga practices for specific body/mind/spirit integration

☞ Self-healing practices for body, mind, and spirit

☞ Cultivating equanimity, clarity, appropriate care, and happiness

☞ Working with energy centers, channels, and points in the body

☞ Working with the elements, directions, and seasons

☞ Writing &/or Art practices

☞ Breath practices, Voice practices, &/or Sound meditations

Where, When & Pricing:

Frequency: Bi-weekly or Monthly work for most folks. Weekly is also an option.

Remote 1-hour sessions are via phone, FaceTime, or Zoom.

Email me to schedule in person sessions in the East Bay.

  • Monthly, weekly, or biweekly session: $110

  • First session, or more than four weeks since your last session: $125

  • First Astrology Mentorship: $175

  • Proceeding Astrology Mentorship: $150 

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