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Qigong Testimonials


"Untie your knots;

soften your glare; 

settle your dust. 

This is your primal identity."

- Lao Tzu

Private Lessons

"Rae gives very clear  instruction while showing the Qigong forms and describing their internal actions. Her experience and knowledge is wide and deep across many disciplines and this enhances her Qigong instruction. What I've learned from her has helped me manage my day-to-day stress and anxiety."

- Tim


"Whether the energy work and movement Rae leads me in helps me treat a physical ailment, loosen a psychological block, or fulfill a deep spiritual longing (and often it seems like all of these combined), the hands-on guidance I receive is inspired, gentle, powerful, and joyful. Working with Rae is a sacred delight!"  - Jen

"Rae has been an important addition to my wellness practices. I have especially valued the accessibility of her teaching style and prescribed practices. Her approach to Qigong has been an important support in helping me to go deeper into my own nature based approach to elemental and energetic somatic practices. I often use the Qigong movements she has prescribed to manage migraines and chronic hip pain and have added them to my yoga practice and daily self care. Her attention to the subtle obstacles we face through our thought and behavioral patterns has been key to also using these wonderful practices to create opportunities for positive shifts and navigating pain and emotional challenges as they arise. Working with Rae has helped me trust my intuitive self and the intelligence of my body by providing somatic practices that support openness, circulation, energetic cultivation and awareness. I always feel more grounded in my sense of self, and intentional in my actions after her classes and healing sessions."

- Crystal

Rae has a rare gift and skill in their ability to distill a vast breadth of knowledge and wisdom across many modalities and disciplines into concise and tangible, yet powerful and lasting nuggets of practice that I have been able to learn, understand and embody within brief windows of time and take with me into challenging transitions. Their Qigong instruction provides a balance between the precision of posture, movements and meridian maps and gentle and supportive guidance into deep states of stillness, receptivity and possibility. I appreciate the way in which their teachings integrate and attend to all the layers that Qigong penetrates - the spiritual, somatic, psychological, energetic; and are always shared with reverence and compassion for our embodied experience and rooted in our relation to the natural world. I am also grateful for the medicine of laughter and fun that I have with them in spite of whatever crisis has led me to seek their services! - D.M.

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