The SUN is up to something this month... It's renewing itself at the solstice. No big deal, right? It does that every year like clockwork. And life goes on. And then a couple weeks later, a bit of the moon shades out a bit of the sun during a partial solar eclipse. Yeah, that happens every six months or so. No big deal, right? And life goes on. But what if this all means something more than just a couple shifts and blips in the flow of our experience of light? What if the sun - the center and most powerful body in our solar system, the source of all life on our little bitty planet - is trying to tell us something? All things speak in their own language. The sun's language is LIGHT. What migh

Capricorn & Winter Solstice

It's no wonder that people make "new year resolutions" during the solar month of Capricorn, when we have clear access to long-

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