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The SUN is up to something this month...

It's renewing itself at the solstice. No big deal, right? It does that every year like clockwork. And life goes on.

And then a couple weeks later, a bit of the moon shades out a bit of the sun during a partial solar eclipse. Yeah, that happens every six months or so. No big deal, right? And life goes on.

But what if this all means something more than just a couple shifts and blips in the flow of our experience of light? What if the sun - the center and most powerful body in our solar system, the source of all life on our little bitty planet - is trying to tell us something?

All things speak in their own language. The sun's language is LIGHT. What might it be saying to us in these moments of death and rebirth... in these seemingly subtle shifts in light?

Sun in Capricorn: 12/21/18 - 1/20/19

Ole salt-of-the-earth Capricorn is graced with the most magical of the zodiac beasts: a sea-goat. Bare that in mind as you maneuver through the earthy yet wistful and inspired energy of the month. For a plethora of insights, meditations, inquiries and herbs to connect you with the best of the sea-goat, please read the Capricorn post.

Winter Solstice: 12/21/18 at 2:23 pm PST

This is our annual death-and-rebirth of the solar principle, and new year's day by the sun's reckoning, so breathe in the energy of renewal as you welcome in the growing light. Go here for more on working with the energy of winter solstice.

Full Moon in Cancer: 12/22/18 at 9:49 am PST

The day after winter solstice, the moon is full in its home sign of Cancer, and also quite close to the earth. This will make the moon appear large, so I recommend you take a look at it if the sky is clear by you. Depending on the astronomer you're talking to, this may or may not be a supermoon. Either way, its close proximity to the earth will make its presence more noticeable - visibly, energetically, and emotionally.

You'll feel a strong tug between soft, dreamy, idealistic forces and more

practical, hard-driving forces. Depending on your nature, you may identify with one or the other of these two impulses, and feel that the other energy exists outside of you - stymying or cramping your own needs and desires. As with any polarity, it's good to recognize how both of these aspects are at play within you, and then see if you can get them to collaborate constructively.

Are you feeling connected to -

your beliefs?

your ideals?

your emotions?

your needs?

a sense of belonging?

How do you FEEL about -

your goals?

your responsibilities?

your level of power and effectiveness?

This full moon asks us to connect with our feeling nature. Doing so will serve us well as we head into eclipse season. By now, the energies of the partial solar eclipse on 1/5/19 and the total lunar eclipse (and super full moon) on 1/20/19 are already stirring us.

Solar Eclipse & New Moon in Capricorn: 1/5/19 at 5:28 pm PST

This is a partial solar eclipse, but it is nonetheless more pressing than the average new moon. With an average new moon, it's time for a bit of renewal. With a solar eclipse, something bigger is wanting to be born into our lives, and that usually requires getting something old out of the way to make room for this new energy. The message of rebirth is heightened by this eclipse being right near the beginning of our calendar year. Uranus (the liberator!) has a certain prominence at the time of this eclipse, so I recommend you also read the next section below for further insight.

What newness are you ready to welcome into your life?

What might you need to let go of to make time, space and energy for that newness to birth and grow into?

HINT - What you need to let go of may be something physical OR it may be something intangible, like a belief, an attitude, a habit, etc.

There are so many planets crowded into the sign of Capricorn at the time of this eclipse that you may benefit from reviewing the Capricorn post, but other influences suggest we'll get much further in our endeavors if we add a bit of tenderness and care to our goals, plans and strivings.

What support will you need in order to accomplish your goals?

Could your approach be more collaborative, or more of a team effort?

How might your goals nourish and support your community/tribe/loved ones?

What will help you take a more flexible and intuitive approach to your plans, so you can make creative adjustments as you go?

Uranus stations direct: 1/6/19

When the outer planets shift direction, it's worth noting anything significant occurring on or around that day (roughly 1/4 - 1/7 at this juncture). With Uranus, you want to especially notice any "A-ha!" moments you may have, or any quirky, unsettling, or otherwise unusual encounters or events. Uranus has been in retrograde motion since 8/7/18, so you may benefit from considering...

How has your relationship with freedom shifted since August?

What major insights or breakthroughs have you experienced since August?

Have there been any upheavals in your life since August?

And most importantly...

If so, what did you LEARN from all the above insights, upheavals & breakthroughs?

Next month...

We have a total lunar eclipse and super full moon, so if your 2019 is starting out with a bang, there's why. Schedule your new year's reading here. Wishing you a renewing and galvanizing month, and a happy new year! Rae


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