Breathing Dreams into Being

The Latin word anima includes a diverse range of meaning, including soul, breath, wind, and life. There seems to be some understanding in our human past that breath and the numinous were intertwined, and that the act of breathing forms a bridge between the material and transcendent realms. This month, develop your breath-bridge. Notice when it weakens - when you hold your breath, or when it gets shallow. Fortify those fissures. Bolster the supports of your bridge. When our breath-bridge is strong, our physical body is strengthened by forces beyond the physical realm. And that's just what's needed now. Sun in Gemini: 5/20/17 - 6/20/17 (PDT) Gemini rules the respiratory system. When the sun tr

Mind, Matter, Mystery

Recently, I went camping in the desert to celebrate my birthday. That night, the wind was so fierce that it pulled my tent's stakes out of the ground. After securing the stakes with some large rocks, I resumed a restless wakefulness as I listened to the wind rage around me. A couple days later, I received an email from my landlord, informing me my rent was going up by 62% in two months... my two most work-heavy and income-low months of the year... not a time I would have chosen to move, living as I do in one of the most competitive and expensive rental markets in the world. This is life. Sometimes wind storms drag us from our slumber, eject us from our safety zones, and throw us into the uns

Mercury Retrograde 101

Although transportation, communication, and details can go awry during Mercury's retrogrades, the aperture of our perception opens, and

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