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Speed is exhilarating, but it requires an alert mind. And maybe also a crash helmet. Notice and be curious about the pace of things, and of yourself this month. See if you can accept the tempo of things beyond your control - whether slower or faster than you'd like things to be, and also play with the tempo of that which you do have agency with.

What is progressing/completing quickly?

What is developing/completing slowly?

What is occurring at a steady pace?

What is occurring in fits and starts?

In what areas of your life can you adjust your own speed and rhythm?

Is there enough pause in your life?

What are the appropriate "crash helmets" for you to utilize at this time?

Note - One of the best ways to cultivate mastery, precision, and strength is to practice something mindfully and daily at a slow pace.

Note - A face mask and hand sanitizer may be wise "crash helmets" to implement in pandemic circumstances as humanity gets restless.

Sun in Gemini - 5/20/20 - 6/20/20

Please visit this post for insights and herbs to align you with the inquisitive and quick energy of Gemini.

Venus is retrograde in Gemini throughout this month, so there is an added layer of reevaluation, re-prioritization, especially in regards to relationships, finances, points of exchange, and areas of study. Be curious about what matters to you, and be equally curious about what matters to the people who matter most to you. Talk about these things, but especially listen closely with an open mind and heart, and see what you might learn from each other.

Also - Pluto, Saturn, and Jupiter are relatively conjunct each other throughout 2020. This is an extremely rare alignment, which indicates that humanity is ripe for a massive realignment. Let go of attachments to specific outcomes, and to anything that lacks purpose in your life, and begin to lay the foundation for new structures that will take clearer shape in the next couple years.

New Moon in Gemini - 5/22/20 at 10:39 am PDT

This new moon initiates the lunation that culminates in the first of three eclipses (6/5, 6/20 & 7/4). These eclipses give some vigorous stirs to the complex stew of 2020, so please prioritize your self care practices to keep you centered and grounded through this great time of change and uncertainty.

Although the Gemini new moon is a time when we normally cultivate a quickening pace and an out-and-about approach to life, numerous influences are putting the breaks on this building towards the peak of springtime momentum. As best you can, put your energy into long term plans for greater freedom, and let the current setbacks and limitations focus your energy inwards and into the behind-the-scenes preparations of building a new, inspired life for yourself as the human collective builds a new world.

Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius - 6/5/20 at 12:12 pm PDT

A lunar eclipse is a full moon with an added shadow, like a dark ghost passing in front of light. This lunar eclipse is the first eclipse in the Gemini-Sagittarius axis since 2013, and indicates that the shadow side of our beliefs is now illuminated. Let yourself become compassionately aware of beliefs that limit and belittle you. And become compassionately aware of any beliefs that keep you from noticing and understanding important details that don't fit with who you think you are, and how the world works. Be curious, and be open to complexity.

Using the high road of Sagittarius, think big picture. Especially, since there is a thrust now on completion in order to clear space for the new, choose one to three projects, relationships, or other major pieces of your life that you'd like to close up by the solar eclipse in Sagittarius on 12/14/20. Doing so will help you focus your energy appropriately, so you can initiate grand new beginnings with greater ease and freedom in 2021, when there will be more opportunity for building more solid achievements.

Mercury retrograde in Cancer - 6/17/20 - 7/12/20

As Venus completes the last week of her retrograde in Mercury's home sign of Gemini, Mercury stations retrograde in Cancer. This retrograde indicates a time of rethinking what/who nourishes you, what/whom you wish to nurture, and with whom you feel a sense of safety and belonging. Any issues that were stirred in your close and/or live-in relationships (housemates, intimate partners, & family members) during Venus' retrograde will get more thoroughly explored, and worked out - one way or the other.

Survival strategy for this retrograde:

☞ Take impeccable care of yourself - improve your diet, your rest, and cultivate practices that settle your mind, such as meditation, deep breathing, Yoga, or Qigong.

☞ Check in with your emotions as often as possible. Ask yourself: What am I feeling right now? How do I feel about _____?

☞ Accept your emotions, and respond compassionately to them, but do not think, speak, or decide from them. In stead...

☞ ...cultivate neutrality and a sense of centered-ness. Think, speak, decide, and act from that quiet, still space.

Marshmallow root and fennel seed are excellent herbs to add to your teas during this retrograde.

Next month...

Summer solstice arrives with a solar eclipse, followed two weeks later by another lunar eclipse. Neptune stations retrograde, and both Venus and Mercury station direct. And the Earth miraculously keeps turning as your heart keeps beating. Until then, and beyond, please cultivate your capacity for awe and wonder. With love - Rae


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