ARIES 2020

It's time we talked about crucibles, and about the extreme transformations that take place within them. A crucible is a vessel in which

Saturn in Aquarius 2020-2023

Interconnectedness in the Spotlight Saturn enters Aquarius in the midst of the Corona Virus global pandemic. Here are the ingredients from an astrological perspective: ☞ Aquarius rules community experience, interconnectedness, innovation, electricity, the internet, humanitarian efforts, and idealistic aspirations. ☞ Saturn's tools are separation, structure, boundaries, set-backs, authority, and duration. And thus... ☞ We find ourselves practicing government-enforced social distance or full-on quarantine. And with that, we feel cut off from our communities, so we reach out to each other through our e-connections. ☞ The virus has touched each corner of the globe, and so finally our perspective

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