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ARIES 2020

It's time we talked about crucibles, and about the extreme transformations that take place within them. A crucible is a vessel in which one combines various substances in order to create a new substance with specific purposes. Extreme heat is used. Things melt. Molecules that don't normally swim around together do just that, and form new alliances with each other.

Consider these crucibles - your body, your mind, your household, your communities, your network, your Work in the most profound sense of the word, Nature.

Consider how the substance of worry could be converted into care.

Consider how the substance of illness could be converted into environmental salvation.

Consider how the substance of obstruction could be converted into innovation.

Consider how the substance of isolation could be converted into interconnection.

Vernal Equinox & Sun in Aries - 3/19/20 - 4/19/20

For insights and herbs to align you with the igniting energy of Aries and the balancing energy of the equinox, read here.

Saturn enters Aquarius - 3/21/20 - 2023

For astrological insights into the Corona Virus, and on how best to meet the energy and wisdom of Saturn (restructuring) moving through Aquarius (community), please read here.

New Moon in Aries - 3/24/20 at 2:28 am PDT

This Aries new moon, so soon after the equinox is a complex fabric of fresh start with strands of lingering, older influences woven through it. The igniting spark of Aries, combined with the fresh-air feeling of the new moon is influenced by "get-real" Saturn's recent entry into innovative Aquarius, and by a tight alignment with Chiron (in this instance, facing and transmuting wounds around self assertion and survival), and by a tense relationship with the "nodes of the moon," which in their current placement are impelling us to put taking care of our needs and of our loved ones over taking care of business.

Super Full Moon in Libra - 4/7/20 at 7:35 pm PDT

This is the closest of three super full moons in a row, so it will both look and feel bigger than an average full moon. I'm happy to report that this chart gives me a feeling of hope. We are still in the thick of tense influences at the time of this moon, but an internal harmony within this chart, combined with it being a balancing Libra full moon suggests that we may now find some peace, and feel more in a stride of right ways forwards. Let's call this moon the Spider Moon, or better yet - the Moon of the Mending Web.

Next month...

Pluto, Saturn, Jupiter and Venus station retrograde, and we have the last of three super full moons in a row. Never a dull moment! Here's wishing you a month of spark, of mending, of connecting, and of taking great care. - Rae

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