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Uranus in Taurus 2018 - 2026

Uranus in Taurus: 2018 - 2026

Uranus - the liberator

Each planet inspires some particular path of growth in us. In the case of Uranus, that path is liberation of trapped energy. Energy can be trapped in our minds, bodies, relationships, homes, or... anywhere. Wherever it is, Uranus will eventually find it. No matter how locked down or sealed away that energy is, Uranus will release it. So we all may as well cooperate with this insistent emancipating force. It's in our best interests to do so, anyhow. Most people agree that spreading one's wings feels pretty fabulous.

Energy, Upheaval & Insight - tools of Uranus

Uranus' effects might seem erratic or frenetic, but in actuality this planet systematically plots and executes jailbreaks from wherever energy has been locked up. Uranus offers brilliance if we allow ourselves to think differently, or as they say - outside of the box.

Uranus' effect can be electrifying, like channeling jolts of energy. These bursts of energy might come in the form of an "A-ha!" or in the form of a sudden - often unexpected - outer event. Generally, the more you court A-ha's, the less you're thrown Uranian curve balls. But sometimes those outer events are unavoidable, and simply part of our human path of learning.

That said, you can court A-ha's by doing things differently, interacting with new individuals and communities, and trying new approaches or techniques that force you to use different parts of your noggin.

To put it another way, get thee out of thy routines.

Uranus in Aries: May 2010 - March 2019

Uranus is completing its journey through Aries, which began in the spring of 2010. The combination of Uranus' liberating influence with Aries' at times pioneering and at times combative influence has caused - on both personal and collective levels - impatience with the status quo, fights for freedom, revolutionary movements, and impetuosity. Since 2010, you've probably experienced instances of "throwing the baby out with the bathwater," and of leaping before looking - in your own life and/or in the lives of those around you. This has been a wild energy to channel and use constructively.

Due to a retrograde, Uranus will dip back into Aries 11/6/18 - 3/6/19, which gives us the opportunity to complete and refine these themes until March of 2019. To make the most of this influence -

<> Temper impatience with consistent and right effort towards your true desires.

<> Notice any resistance to self assertion.

<> Court insights into more effective means of self assertion.

<> Pioneer new paths of liberation on personal and collective levels.

Uranus in Taurus: May 2018 - April 2026

Uranus travels through the sign of the bull from 5/15/2018 until 4/25/2026. The combination of Uranus' liberating thrust and Taurus' grounding and stabilizing influence creates a completely different paradigm. You'll notice several shifts -

<> Things will slow down, but energy channeled into action will manifest into more sustainable outcomes.

<> Your value systems will shift, so you'll redirect what you channel your energy into.

<> Some seemingly solid formations will break down and reform.

How best to meet and work with this influence -

<> In electricity, there's a positive charge, a negative charge, and a ground. We tend to be most aware of our desires (positive charge) and our aversions (negative charge), but under this influence, we'll benefit from becoming more aware of and attending to what is actual and manifest within and around us (the ground). It is there we can make change, and change is Uranus' specialty.

<> A grounding cable in electricity is a crucial protective device that enables us to channel energy for our own and others' benefit, but not get fried or burnt out in the process. Now's the time to establish your grounding cables - those things that protect you from burn-out - i.e. boundaries, self care, nurturing relationships, moments of stillness, slow activities, and the Earth itself.

<> Attend to your values. Channel your energy into what matters most to you - not what others tell you should matter to you, and not some internalized system of "should's." Either return to or get to know your values, your aesthetics, your sense of what matters, and see what happens when you channel your inspiration into those things.

For a Deeper Exploration of how Uranus influences YOU...

...feel free to schedule a consultation.

Wishing you positive and grounded insights, manifestations, and breakthroughs, Rae


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