☉ Holistic Astrology ☽

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"I look up: the stars write.

Unknowing I understand:

"I too am written, and at this very moment

someone spells me out."

- Octavio Paz

"Time is a means of making actual what is Potential" - the I Ching

Astrology helps us both pinpoint good times for actions we wish to take, and for accepting and understanding how best to use the energy of the time we are in.

Your chart is a web of intersecting strands of mind, body, spirit and emotions anchored to the shifting factors of time, space, and circumstance. By working with the wholeness of your chart within the changing context of your life, you actualize the potential of your ever shifting experience.

In these interactive consultations, we identify, explore, and support the over-arching themes of your life, the places of ripeness, and the under-currents that direct the activity on the surface of your life.

Types of Consultations & Pricing:

Standard consultations include a look at your natal chart and transits (current and coming influences). I may also refer to your solar return, progressed, and solar arc charts, etc. 90 minutes.

  • 6 months or less since your last consult with me: $175

  • Yearly consultation: $185

  • Your first consult with me, or two years or more since your last consult: $200

Relationship consultations - please choose this option if you want me to look at anyone else's chart in addition to your chart. 90 minutes. $275


When, Where & Pricing:

Schedule consultations whenever you want my support and perspective. Most folks meet with me once or twice a year. Near your birthday, and at the change of year/season are ideal times. I am typically booked out one to two months in advance, so please plan ahead. Thank you!

Sessions are via phone, Skype, FaceTime, or Zoom.

Hours: Tuesdays at 4:30 or 5p PDT  &  Saturdays at 12p PDT

Low-Cost Options:

Consultations take 4 - 5 intensive hours of my time, so I am unable to offer a sliding scale for this service.

Please see Qigong & Yoga classes, or Mentorship for lower cost offerings,

& enjoy my free astrology articles