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Jupiter in Aquarius 2020-2021

How are you feeling about the future right now?

As much as I like to encourage myself and everyone else to be in the present, this is an important question now. For all of us, the moments beyond the edge of right now are hazier than they once were. This is actually closer to the truth than the linear (past-present-future) way we usually perceive time.

The thing we need to tune into, and be compassionate and wise with, is our feelings about the nebulous yet-to-come. If your feelings include fear, anxiety, worry, anger, frustration, or impatience, it's helpful to clarify why you're feeling those things, assess what you need to accept as unknown and/or out of your control, and take constructive actions in the areas where you do have impact. If you witness your feelings with an attitude of curiosity and compassion, they will shift of their own accord. Then you can move firmly on to this next step:

Cultivate a sense of openness towards the future, for the unknown and uncertain are ripe with possibility.

"How do you feel about the future?" is a useful question anytime Jupiter - a future-oriented planet - travels through Aquarius - a future-oriented sign. Jupiter likes the future because it's an inspiring and unlimited territory it can illuminate and expand into. Aquarius likes the future because it hopes to improve upon the current systems so it can make things better for everyone, and because the idealistic future offers more freedom than the material confines of the present. To orient yourself to the mingling of these two energies, please consider:

☞ What do you believe in? - this is your "light"

☞ What would liberation feel and look like for you personally?

☞ What would liberation feel and look like on the level of society?

☞ What actions can you take in alignment with your beliefs that build towards these two forms of liberation?

☞ How might these actions fit into a system you could implement on your own or in collaboration with others?

Jupiter takes a brief swim in Pisces mid-year.

Jupiter will dip into the dreamy realm of Pisces 5/13/21 - 7/28/21. This gives us an opportunity to connect with our dreams, to experience heightened creativity, profound states of love, and spiritual awakenings. The shadow aspects of this influence, however, are overwhelm, escapism, avoidance, and addiction of all kinds. Plan some intentional retreat time for yourself during this window, so you can have a nourishing form of escape to look forward to. Take a much-needed break!

Jupiter + Saturn = Thunderbolt + Scythe

Buoyant Jupiter is not alone in this particular transit through Aquarius. It enters the sign of the water-bearer days after weighty Saturn enters Aquarius. Jupiter and Saturn shared their transit through Capricorn throughout 2020, and we now shift that mingling of expansion-contraction, hope-despair, freedom-constriction, trudge-leap from the manifesting sign of Capricorn to the revolutionizing sign of Aquarius.

Jupiter is associated with the lightning bolt - that crack of light that inspires awe and illuminates the darkness of storm... or starts wildfires. Saturn is associated with the scythe - a tool for harvesting what we've sewn, whether it be nourishing... or otherwise. Although Saturn is known as the "greater malefic" (AKA the big bad guy), and Jupiter is known as the "greater benefic" (AKA the big, jolly good guy), each planet has the capacity to express both constructively and destructively.

The pitfall to avoid as Jupiter and Saturn travel through Aquarius is attachment to one's own point of view, both in individuals and in communities.

This creates an inability to see/hear others' perspectives, or take in facts and sensory information that conflict with one's viewpoint. This is fundamentalism, which can be applied to any belief, whether religious, social, political, philosophical, or personal.

Taken to the extreme, some folks could use this as a means of justifying violence or other unsavory acts towards oneself and/or other individuals or groups. Fascism in the 1930's-40's expressed this tragically, but none of us are immune to this. Root out attachment to your view, even if you're certain you're right, so you'll always be able to make adjustments as things shift... because everything is always changing.

To cultivate more constructive expressions of this Jupiter-Saturn combination in Aquarius:

Court experiences of awe and illumination...

and connect with people who inspire these feelings with you, or who you're able to share these experiences with. Relationships help ground these experiences, which makes the following steps easier to take...

Let those experiences inspire you to sew good seeds...

We always reap what we sew. If you sew care, connection, and beauty inspired by wonder in your community, you and your community will reap care, connection, beauty, and more wonder. Not everything we plant comes to fruition because there are forces beyond our control, but if we maintain awareness, care, and openness, new opportunities will emerge even from failed crops.

Work towards your longterm liberation, and towards the longterm benefit of all...

A useful combination of Jupiter-Saturn is expanding your sense of time. With Aquarius, we need to apply that to giving ourselves a freer future, so notice any ways you feel confined now, and formulate a plan that leads you to a freer expression of who you really are. With Aquarius, we also need to apply an inspired long-range plan to benefiting society and/or our communities, so consider how being more freely yourself might also enable you to bring greater benefit to humanity.


Jupiter in Aquarius - 12/19/20 - 5/13/21; a brief dip into Pisces, and then back in Aquarius: 7/28/21 - 12/28/21

Saturn in Aquarius - 3/21/20 - 7/1/20; a brief return to Capricorn, and then back in Aquarius: 12/16/20 - 3/7/23

Somatics of Jupiter-Saturn in Aquarius

Aquarius is associated with the ankles and shins, and Saturn is associated with the bones and joints. So tend these spaces well. Jupiter rules the arteries, which send blood from the heart to the peripheries of the body, while Aquarius is associated with the nervous system, which oversees and connects all the systems of the body. A simple but powerful practice that works with all of these influences is circling your ankles. When you circle your ankles, it stimulates blood flow to and from the lower extremities. If you tune into the sensations in your feet, ankles and legs as you make the circles, you'll also cultivate integration throughout your nervous system. Check out my Qigong and Yoga classes for more somatic support for your ankles and nervous system.


Anytime Aquarius is activated, think mushrooms - the great interconnectors of ecosystems the way Aquarius interconnects systems and communities. Reishi, Chaga, and Shiitake mushrooms are anti-inflammatory, so if you have any joint pain in your ankles, these may support you. Reishi also improves circulation in case you need a little support getting some blood to your ankles. All of these mushrooms are also antiviral and supportive to the immune system, which is handy during this time of Covid.

What does freedom mean to you?

One of the ways of getting in touch with our uniqueness - and therefore in furthering our process of individuation - is understanding what our own concept of freedom means. What do you want the freedom to do, have, and be? Each of us has a different answer to this question. And it is important that we know this answer consciously so we don't go around trying to impose our sense of freedom on everyone else - "liberating" others in ways that may not feel particularly liberating to them. Let them have their freedom...

...and let yourself have your freedom. When you know what freedom looks like to you, you have found the key to whatever cage you may feel entrapped in. Life outside the cage is not necessarily easy, but the challenges you encounter there are the very stuff you are built for.

May your Jupiter-in-Aquarius year be enlightening and liberating. To learn more about Jupiter's opportunities for you, schedule a consult.

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