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Capricorn & Winter Solstice

Winter Solstice: roughly 12/21


Winter solstice is the day of the sun's rebirth from growing darkness into growing light. This is "new year's day by the solar calendar, which means renewal of all things solar, including -

☞ purpose

☞ illumination

☞ consciousness

☞ warmth

☞ vitality

☞ a sense of center

The two-week period around winter solstice is a good time to return to your center in whatever way is meaningful for you.

☞ How has your center changed since you last checked in with it?

☞ Describe your center as... a color... a shape... a flavor... a scent... a sensation... a direction... an element... a force of nature... an animal... an archetype... a plant... a vehicle... a tool... a magical power...

Seeds & Seed-Planting:

I think of winter solstice and the week or two afterwards as "seed-planting" time. By seeds, I mean something more like wishes or intentions, and by seed-planting, I mean gentle actions like journaling, collaging, praying, lighting candles, improvising, practicing, or other small steps in the direction of your dreams - steps taken in private for now.

☞ What "seeds" will you plant?

☞ How will you nourish the "soil" where your seeds lie, waiting to germinate?

☞ What happens when "dream seeds" mingle with earthly soil?

☞ Can you plant your seeds with both devotion and a nod to the mysterious whims of the weather?

Sun in Capricorn: roughly 12/21 - 1/19

We are immersed in these energies at this time, and we revisit the themes below at the full moon in Capricorn, during the Cancer solar month.


When the sun travels through the sign of the sea-goat, it's time to focus our attention on the structures of our life. The nature of structures is that they take a long time to build, and once they're in place, ideally they support us.

Here's a helpful structural check-in...

Illustrate your life structure as a bare deciduous tree:

☞ What are the main structures of your life? (health, family, community, occupation, art, activism, spirituality, etc)

☞ Consider which of these structures - for you - are roots (personal, grounding influences), and which are branches (outer world experiences, things you share with others).

☞ Consider which limbs and roots draw in the most nourishment for you, and which ones require more nourishment from you.

☞ Is your tree both stable and beautiful to you, or is there some pruning or new growth that's needed?


We change, so our structures need updating now and again to account for those changes. Updating might mean an all-out dismantling of what exists, and rebuilding from the ground up, or it might mean some minor adjustments.

Based on your findings in the above practice...

☞ where do you need to cut back?

☞ & where and what do you want to add on?

☞ or is it time for a bigger overhaul?

Bigger Overhauls in 2018 - 2020

During 2018 - 2020, we are going through bigger remodeling processes than usual - on the personal, societal, and global level. Those will be felt more keenly during the Capricorn solar months. Read this Saturn in Capricorn article for more on that.


Capricorn also rules our bones and skeleton - the structural framework of our bodies. Like any structure, our skeleton tells us the kinds of things we are and are not built for. So at this time, I recommend connecting with and tending your bones. At the very least, give them a bit of gratitude and awareness. Scroll down to the green print for herbs to support your bones.

What does the nature of your skeleton suggest you are designed for?

How are your bones faring? Do they need some support? What kind?

Goals & Plans:

It's no wonder that people make "new year resolutions" during the solar month of Capricorn, when we have clear access to long-range-planning and determination. This is an excellent time of year to take note of, attend to, and perhaps plan to reconfigure your goals, and/or your plans for attaining those goals.

Capricorn is a virtually unstoppable force once set in motion, so it's important to choose the right goals. Otherwise, that incredible force can take us really far in the wrong direction. But remember - it's never too late to course-correct and get on the right path.

☞ Where are you headed in life?

☞ Is your goal worth the effort required to attain it?

Patience, Persistence, & Hard-won Wisdom:

While the sun transits through Capricorn, we have access to the patience, persistence and purposefulness of the Sea-goat. This being has the wisdom and experience of many strata of life, for it journeys from the depths of the sea through the losses, toils, and treasures of a long trek all the way up to the mountain top. This illuminates one of the brightest expressions of Capricorn as the archetype of the wise and powerful elder, who has not only endured - but embraced - life's joys and challenges, and emerged sage and strengthened by it all.

☞ What have you endured?

☞ What are you now enduring?

☞ What have you learned from your joys and losses?

☞ What strengths have you cultivated through processes of difficulty, delay, and duration?

Herbs for the solar month of Capricorn:

It's a good time to support the bones and joints in your body & life:

HORSETAIL is a magnificently ancient plant, and one of my favorite Capricorn herbs - nourishing to the bones, joints, and connective tissues, and energetically good for helping you find your inner mettle so you can push through difficulty.

NETTLES are also recommended, especially if you need some help maintaining good boundaries.

OAT STRAW not only supports the bones & ligaments, and also offers calming and nourishing support for your nerves.

Adaptogens are crucial to handle the burnout we tend to feel at this point in the year. During the Capricorn month, I recommend -

ASHWAGANDHA for sustained all around strength.

RHODIOLA for stamina, determination, and focus.

BURDOCK ROOT for choosing the right "mountain" to climb, shedding any unnecessary baggage, finding the right path, and maintaining your strength as you journey onwards and upwards.

For a Deeper Exploration of Capricorn...

Feel free to schedule a consultation. Here's wishing you a month of renewal, centeredness, and aligned intent and action. With care, Rae


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