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Saturn in Aquarius 2020-2023

Interconnectedness in the Spotlight

Saturn enters Aquarius in the midst of the Corona Virus global pandemic. Here are the ingredients from an astrological perspective:

Aquarius rules community experience, interconnectedness, innovation, electricity, the internet, humanitarian efforts, and idealistic aspirations.

Saturn's tools are separation, structure, boundaries, set-backs, authority, and duration.

And thus...

☞ We find ourselves practicing government-enforced social distance or full-on quarantine. And with that, we feel cut off from our communities, so we reach out to each other through our e-connections.

☞ The virus has touched each corner of the globe, and so finally our perspective has shifted from us/them to one all-encompassing Us.

☞ In a matter of weeks, the anti-virus measures have drastically decreased our greenhouse gases, causing us to look at realizable potentials for what was formerly seen as an unattainable aspiration of reducing pollution, and improving our global climate.

A dip into the Aquarian waters - 3/21/20 - 7/1/20

Saturn makes an initial dip into Aquarius throughout this spring, and the first part of the summer. We will experience an introduction of the themes listed above and below during this time.

Saturn completes its work in Capricorn - 7/1/20 - 12/16/20

We tie up the loose ends of Saturn's transit through Capricorn (2017-2020) from mid-summer until nearly winter solstice. Bare in mind that Saturn, Pluto, and Jupiter are in close quarters throughout this year. This combination is reminding us of our mortality as individuals and as a species, and through that, we are invited... urged... spurred to drop some ballast, and do whatever it is that we are truly inspired and passionate about.

What is the meaning of YOUR life?

What are you here to give to humanity?

What are your setbacks teaching you about your priorities, resources, and beliefs?

If you let go of your desire to control, and surrender to what is happening, what do you then know to do?

Saturn in Aquarius - 12/16/20 - 3/7/23

Saturn (restructuring, boundaries, authority) begins its travels in Aquarius while maintaining a close connection with Pluto (processes of death and rebirth, and channeling greater energy for a deeper purpose) and Jupiter (expanding into what you believe in). It is rare for these three heavy-hitting planets to come together, and so the first year of Saturn in Aquarius will be influenced by this combination of energies. They maintain their close contact throughout 2020.

The sign Saturn transits through indicates how we will be applying Saturn's themes of focusing, restructuring, and applying effort towards long-term goals.

Reshaping our Experience of Community

As Saturn moves through Aquarius, we'll find ourselves restructuring who we connect with, and how. With Saturn in Aquarius, which rules community, electricity and the internet, we will find ourselves electrifying our gathering methods. Working, meeting, and educating virtually will become increasingly more common.

Saturn can also bring an experience of separation. So we may feel both more connected through virtual means, and yet isolated and lonely, due to lessening of direct contact. But there is, even in this, a light that can guide us through this tunnel...

The work of Indiviuation

"The only cure for loneliness is solitude." - Marianne Moore

What does your loneliness teach you about yourself?

This brings us to one of the paradoxes of Aquarius - it relates to community experience, and specifically to the "group mind," and yet it also relates to the uniqueness of our own individual consciousness, and the process of individuating into our truest expression of self. Saturn's tool of separation from others will motivate us to work towards being more true to our own uniqueness.

Maybe feeling socially isolated doesn't sound so great, but there is something important and beautiful in this process. There is a greater purpose to our uniqueness. We each have a unique "genius" we can offer to the collective for the greater good. Saturn's transit through Aquarius will teach us not only what our own "genius" is, but also how we can best apply it to the benefit of all.

Working towards humanitarian aspirations

This takes us to my favorite aspect of Aquarius - humanitarianism.

"If I am not for myself, who will be for me? If I am only for myself, what am I? If not now, when?" - Hillel the Elder

For however socially oriented Aquarius is, it is an emotionally distant sign. But that doesn't mean it doesn't care. In fact, Aquarius cares very deeply, but in a way that considers the good of the whole. So during Saturn's transit through Aquarius, we will find ourselves drawn towards efforts that improve things for whole communities, and hopefully for the whole, global human community.

How can you align or re-align your personal goals so that they benefit others?

Given your unique abilities, knowledge, and perspective, what might you best offer to humanity?

Aquarian folks - what this means for you

If Aquarius is a sensitive sign in your chart (e.g. Sun, Moon, Saturn, Ascendant, Descendant, Midheaven, Nadir, lunar node, or stellium in Aquarius), you will feel all of the themes above more keenly throughout the next few years. You will experience a restructuring that might first involve some things falling apart a little, and then a process of realignment of intent and effort that inspires a truer and more supportive and sustainable architecture in this area of your life. Remember that Saturn is the god of the harvest, so if you tend your Aquarian garden well, you will eventually reap rewards - even if that means you have to first overhaul your soil, and tear out some invasive species! You will in time reap the rewards of being true to yourself, and of being a valued node within your community.


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