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Chiron in Aries: 2018 - 2027


The Wounded Healer

Chiron is a small but influential body in our solar system, best known for carrying the "wounded healer" archetype that offers us opportunities to heal deep wounds through being of service in humanity.

The Centaur, the Bridge

Chiron's orbit is an elongated ellipse that links the orbits of Uranus and Saturn, so it forms a bridge between our inspired vision of the future, and what is actually manifestable. Also, Chiron was a centaur with the body of a horse and the torso of a man-like god, and thus represents the need to bridge the divide between our animal/instinctual and mental/spiritual natures.

The Original Wound

Chiron was rejected as a hideous monster by his beautiful nymph mother, and thus relates to deeply held pain related to early experiences of rejection. Chiron's placement indicates both how we experience these kinds of wounds, and also points the way to resolving those wounds.

Chiron in Pisces: 2010 - 2019

This comet-like asteroid has been transiting through Pisces since 2010, offering us opportunities to resolve feelings of isolation, confusion, and martyrdom. We'll have another brief interlude of Chiron in Pisces 9/25/18 - 2/18/19 during Chiron's retrograde cycle, which will offer us another chance to clean up any residual Piscean baggage. See dates & timeframes below.

Chiron enters Aries: 4/17/18

As Chiron transits through Aries, we'll experience deep healing through working with the pain, fear, and unacknowledged/suppressed desires that underlie our feelings of anger. We'll be looking at the ways we hold ourselves back from what we really want, and the ways we hurt ourselves by going after the wrong things. As this "centaur" asteroid transits through Aries (April 2018 - April 2027), Chiron invites us to transmute our misplacings of will into a deeper experience of willingness.

Dates & Time-frames:

4/17/18 - 9/25/18 - Chiron's first dip into Aries

This timeframe introduces the themes we'll be working with throughout Chiron's transit through Aries.

9/25/18 - 2/18/19 - Chiron revisits Pisces

This timeframe gives us an opportunity to more thoroughly complete the healing processes we've been engaged in during Chiron's transit in Pisces (2010 - early 2019). Focus on letting go, practicing compassion for yourself and others, forgiving yourself and others, and opening your heart.

2/18/19 - 4/14/27 - Chiron in Aries

Eight years is enough time to be a chapter in your life. Consider how you can heal unresolved wounds around self assertion, getting what you need in life, and aligning your actions with your natural abilities/physique/temperament, and with a deep willingness to walk the path that's right for you.

For more on how Chiron affects you...

Schedule a private consultation with me anytime. Wishing you true and deep healing, Rae

2 comentários

Denisa K.
Denisa K.
12 de jun.

I just found out from looking at my partner's astrology chart and my own that we have Venus conjunct Chiron. I've gone through a lot of hurt in my life, so I hope this connection between us lasts a long time or helps with the healing process. My Chiron is in Aries.

rae diamond
rae diamond
5 days ago
Respondendo a

I've experienced a Venus-Chiron conjunction between my chart and a long-term partner's chart. I hope it goes well for both of you! Chiron contacts are never easy, but they can stimulate a lot of growth, healing, and breakthrough. Venus contacts can bring balance and ease as long as the Venus native tends to their own needs and boundaries. All good things to you both.

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