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Aries & Spring Equinox

Sun in Aries: the first month of Spring

We are immersed in these energies at this time, and we revisit the themes below at the full moon in Aries, during the Libra solar month.


When the sun transits through the sign of the ram, it's time to awake from the dreams, wonderings, meditations - and confusions - of Pisces. Make decisions. Leap through the fiery ring of adventure and challenge. Get moving, but watch for those magic moments of stillness in the midst of motion. Court them. Set a place for them at your table, and see if they'll join you for dinner.

What is your heart telling you to do these days?

What is your fear telling you to do these days?

What is different about these two voices?


We now have the energy to catalyze those watery wintery Pisces visions from last month, but we must access our courage to do so. The root of the word courage is the French word, coeur, or heart. To act with courage means to act from the heart - not to act without fear, but rather to act in despite our fear. We can't make our fear go away, but we can look it in the eye. Acknowledge and get to know your fears, but no matter what your fear tells you, let your heart call the shots.

Which battles are worth fighting?

How can you gracefully let go of battles that are not worth fighting?

Herbs for the Aries Month:

Spring is a good time to clean the blood, and conveniently, Mars - the ruler of Aries - rules the blood. Taking current and coming astrological influences into account, the best herbs to use for this purpose now are Yellow Dock Root and Red Clover.

Vernal equinox


At the vernal equinox, the balance of light and dark shifts in favor of light, and we are one quarter of the way through the Sun's yearly apparent transit through the zodiac. This is when the seeds we planted at winter solstice start to come alive and take shape. We need to care for them actively and outwardly. And we plant more seeds. We spread them higgledy piggledy to see what will actually take. We say YES - to life, to opportunities, to people, and to our own desires. We go. We grow. And so does everyone and everything else.

What seeds did you plant this winter?

What's their status now?

How can you best tend your seedlings as they emerge into the inherent perils of the world?

Many people think of spring as a time of new beginnings. It certainly feels that way, but what happens at this point in the year is actually acceleration and a shift from internal growth (begun at winter solstice) to external growth.

For a deeper exploration of Aries...

...feel free to schedule a consultation.

Wishing you an inspired and heart-ful start to spring, Rae


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