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Healing Mentorship


"Your mind is in every cell of your body." - Candace Pert


Empowering, Detoxifying, Transforming, Integrating

Your body is wise, and your mind is powerful. These sessions activate, focus, and inform your own healing capacity to create lasting, positive change in your life.

What is a Healing Mentorship?

These sessions offer one-on-one instruction for self-healing, customized to your current needs. You'll learn how to use your breath and intention with specific movements, postures, and visualizations to clear, move and build your energy. Practices are drawn from my backgrounds in Qigong, Reiki, meditation, breathing techniques, and shamanic techniques, and are innovated and customized to your current needs.

How it works:

☞ After an intake, I guide you through specific practices that balance and strengthen the energy flow in your body and mind.

☞ You engage in a variety of simple postures, movements, breath practices, visualizations, meditations, and vocal techniques.

☞ We stay in conversation throughout the session, adjusting the practices as your energy realigns and settles.

☞ Herbal energetics and sounds may also be brought into the treatment.

☞ You'll leave each session, equipped with a practice plan, instructions, and if interested herbal recommendations to work with until your next session.



☞ Improves mental focus

☞ Stimulates inner calm

☞ Increases breath capacity

☞ Reconnects mind and spirit with body

☞ Balances emotions

☞ Detoxifies body and mind

For Beginners or for Advanced Students

I teach folks of all levels, from folks new to meditation and energy-work to practicing professionals. Contact me if you have any questions.


In person sessions take place in my El Cerrito office. 

Remote sessions are via phone, Skype, or FaceTime.


One hour session: $100

Recommended frequency: Once a month, once per season, or as needed.

Folks who see me on a monthly basis are welcome to a sliding scale. Please contact me for details.