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I grew up in the Midwest, where rainstorms were often so powerful you could feel the electricity in the air before any rain fell or lightning struck. In considering the energy of this month, I ask you - What does it feel like the moment even before you feel that electricity, before you know a storm is coming? You're just going about your life, caught up in your thoughts, doing the to-do's. No tension. Just being who you are in your life.

I wonder:

Is it possible to gather up that relaxed energy, so that it might carry us through more turbulent times? This is the month to try just such an experiment because there's a storm a'brewing.

Storms, by the way, bring cleansing, nourishment, clearer air to see through, and the sprouting up of once-buried seeds.

Sun in Gemini: 5/21/19 - 6/21/19

In 2019's Gemini month, we are drawn to be curious and explore the world, and yet we need to also leave time for introspection, as things are stirring in a big way beneath the surface. For supportive herbs and more on how to work with the wisdom and energy of Gemini, read here.

New Moon in Gemini: 6/3/19 at 3:02 am PDT

This is a tense new moon, as the Sun and Moon in curious Gemini form a "T-square" configuration with expansive Jupiter in Sagittarius and dreamy Neptune in Pisces. These are mutable signs, known for their adaptability, so you are being asked to be flexible in many areas of your life. Meanwhile, four planets in earth signs ask us to stay grounded and firm. Altogether, this suggests the quality of a tree that is rooted, strong, protected, and yet sways gracefully in the wind.

In which situations & relationships do you feel called to practice flexibility and adaptability?

In which situations & relationships do you feel a need to be strong, firm, and rooted?

For supportive herbs and further inquiries for this new moon, visit this post.

Full Moon in Sagittarius: 6/17/19 at 1:31 am PDT

This full moon chart is tense and striving, yet wistful, dreamy, hopeful. For as much as you stretch outwards at this time, also burrow your roots deeper into whatever is foundational for you. And always with the Sagittarius full moon, use the full spectrum of your mental zoom lens:

What's the big picture of your life right now?

Imagine an aerial snapshot of where your time and energy are going, coming from, building, and receding.

Now zoom in, and consider the details -

What fits neatly into the big picture of your life?

What doesn't fit at all?

Are there any elements that defy the fit-or-doesn't-fit categorization?

If you have any of those outlier bits that don't fit neatly - yet somehow belong - those are elements of unpredictable change. Embrace their trickster-like quirkiness, and see where they take you.

For supportive herbs and further inquiries for this full moon, visit this post.

Neptune Retrograde: 6/21/19 - 11/27/19

Shortly before summer solstice, Neptune stations retrograde in Pisces. Take note of any significant events or encounters that occur 6/20 - 6/22, as these can indicate more specifically where and how you need to let go. Neptune's retrograde signifies a time when we benefit from cleaning house internally. Let go in your body and mind, and see how that shifts your outer world.

What unfolds around you when you -

☞ forgive yourself?

☞ forgive others?

☞ surrender to what is happening right here in this moment?

☞ gently relax the tension in your body?

Neptune's Herbs:

Since Neptune rules dreams, here's a dream tea -

Steep 1 Tbsp. of spearmint, 1/2 Tbsp each of passionflower and mugwort, a pinch of licorice, and a bit of freshly grated nutmeg in 2 cups boiling water, covered for one hour. Strain, add a squeeze of lemon, and drink in the evening.

Next month...

The Cancer month begins with summer solstice, and includes a Mercury retrograde, a total solar eclipse and a partial lunar eclipse, offering us major opportunities for healing, growth, and breakthrough. Schedule a private session to support you through what will be a roller coaster of a month! Wishing you a happy and lively Gemini month, Rae


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