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"An obstacle can be beneficial even though it halts one's movement, because it creates an opportunity to gather energy." - Hua-Ching Ni

Much of this solar month is under the influence of Mercury's retrograde, so we are in a treading water phase until about the second half of March. As we approach the spring equinox, you'll feel more forwards motion. But for now, reduce the old and extraneous as you gather up fresh resources. Build up not just the quantity but also the quality of your energy, so you'll be ready for GO time next month.

Sun in Pisces: 2/18/20 - 3/19/20

For insights and herbs to align you with the sensitive, dreamy, and expansive energy of Pisces, read here.

Saturn in Capricorn: 12/19/17-3/21/20 & 7/1/20-12/16/20

Saturn's impact is felt in our direct experience of the mundane world, so when the ringed planet shifts signs, we feel it. On 3/21/20, Saturn starts to shift into Aquarius. In the meantime, we are starting to complete the "get real about your goals" lessons of Saturn in Capricorn (since December 2017), so you may want to review that post, and stay tuned next month for more on Saturn in Aquarius.

New Moon in Pisces: 2/23/20 at 7:23 am PST

This is a wonderful moon for dreaming and scheming. Here are some ingredients I hope you'll include in your plans:

☞ Small, necessary actions that tie up the loose ends of old things.

☞ Grounding that which feels new, exciting, and liberating into the fabric of your life.

☞ Open space, open time, and an open mind - for Nature to weave its own magic into the grand fabric of your future.

Super Full Moon in Virgo: 3/9/20 at 10:48 am PST

This first of three super full moons in a row comes with a great many bells and whistles. You may benefit from the herbs and inquiries in this post, but add those to the cosmic cocktail explained below:

Mercury stations direct (see below) ten hours after this full moon peaks, giving the whole day a sense of weightlessness and pause.

Jupiter, Pluto, and Saturn are all conjoined in Capricorn. This is a rare and impactful influence. Imagine you are standing on a crumbling precipice before a chasm, looking at the other side, which is green, vibrant, and solid. At some point, you will simply have to leap across, and trust that the old foundation upon which you stand, combined with your conviction and the strength of your own core and legs will get you into the verdant land ahead. That time is coming soon.

Venus and Uranus are aligned. New peeps! New friends! New communities! New loves of all kinds of things! Embrace them, and let them both ground and electrify you.

Chiron is square to the nodes of the moon. For this resolving influence, I offer you a riddle: How do you combine self assertion, self-care, care of others, and attend to your goals in ways that ultimately nourish both you and also those you love?

Mercury stations direct: 3/9/20 at 8:49 pm PST

Most of this retrograde occurred in Pisces (2/16 - 3/4), which stimulated a need for a compassionate and forgiving approach to our thought and communication patterns. But Mercury dips back into Aquarius on 3/4 - 3/16, stimulating us to reach out, and ask for insight and help from our communities during this time. During this timeframe, because Aquarius rules the ears, I also recommend developing a practice of talking less and listening more.

Next month...

Saturn enters Aquarius (3/21 - 7/1 & 12/16/20 - 3/7/23), Jupiter conjoins with Pluto, and we have our closest of three super full moons in a row. Until then, here's wishing you a month of heart-ful listening, and deep healing. - Rae


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