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Pallas Athena was a virgin warrior goddess in ancient Greece and Rome. She was born, fully clothed in armor, from her father, Zeus/Jupiter's head after he had a raging headache. She had grey eyes, had a pet owl, and was a fine craftsperson, especially known for her spinning. Her expertise in war (and in general) was in the realm of wise strategy. In fact, she was the mastermind behind much of Odysseus' best escapes and victories. She is also the patron archetype of this month.

Sun in Sagittarius: 11/22/19 - 12/21/19

For insights, inquiries and herbs to support you throughout the month of Sagittarius - the centaur, the philosopher, the long distance traveler, and the torch-bearer - please read here.

Figuring it all out - Mercury is direct

Mercury was retrograde in plumbing-the-emotional-depths Scorpio 10/31/19 - 11/20/19, so we are just starting to gather forwards momentum at the start of this month. The influence of Sagittarius will give us some much needed inspiration after facing the buried secrets/treasures/skeletons we uncovered during that retrograde.

New Moon in Sagittarius: 11/26/19 at 7:06 am PST

This new moon is aligned with the asteroid, Pallas, which is associated with wise strategy, and with a curveball influence from Uranus - the planet of liberating perspectives. Since Sagittarius offers us the gift of big picture thinking, I encourage you to court ways to get a fresh perspective on your life, and open to new and innovative ways forwards from this point.

Neptune stations direct: 11/27/19 (since 6/21/19)

Neptune asks us to surrender control. The low road version of that is escapism and/or addiction, but the high road version involves aligning our will with what is happening. In other words, do what must be done, and let go of anything that needs to come out of your hands. As Neptune shifts to direct motion, that shifts from an internal process to actual steps taken in the world. As always with outer planet stations, take note of any significant encounters or events 11/26 - 11/28.

What actions can you take with a rekindled attitude of -

☞ gratitude?

☞ forgiveness?

☞ surrendering to what is happening right here in this moment?

☞ trust?

Jupiter enters Capricorn: 12/2/19 - 12/19/20

It's wise to track Jupiter's comings and goings because this planet shows us where and how we can rekindle hope and inspiration, foster growth, and generally feel more buoyant. It neatly spends about a year in each sign, so do read this post to get a beat on its pulse for the coming year.

Full Moon in Gemini: 12/11/19 at 9:12 pm PST

Let's call this one The Sage Moon. The chart for this full moon has an air of experience, perspective, and wisdom, but with open-mindedness, and a sense of possibility. Gemini encourages us to be curious, so this is by all means not a Know-it-All Moon. Pallas, the wise-strategy asteroid that influenced the new moon (see above) continues to add her flair of calm, craft, and insightful design. And Neptune insists on some letting go at this time - especially letting go in your mind.

Gemini is the great communicator of the zodiac, and since full moons tend to pull things out to the surface, it may be useful to consider the Buddhist guidelines for "right speech:"

☞ Say only that which is true and beneficial.

☞ Be cognizant of whether what you're saying will be pleasant or difficult for your listener/s.

☞ Choose the right time and way in which to say such things.

After this full moon peaks, lovely luna wanes into a solar eclipse on 12/25/19, so any letting go you do now will allow for a smoother new beginning in the new year.

Next month...

It's eclipse season, so expect things to lurch forwards! Also, upheaving Uranus stations direct. Until then, here's wishing you an insightful and inspired month, and if you celebrate harvest and/or winter holidays, may they be bountiful and joyful - Rae


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