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In the Currents

Currents indicate patterns of swifter flow and movement within a greater system. We find them in water, in the air, in electricity, in the zeitgeist of a time, and in our personal mental and emotional states.

Eagles, with their expansive wingspan, are masters of wind currents. They ride them, adjusting the angle of their wings so they catch the upwards current or the downwards current, the faster current or the slower current. They also use conflicting currents to hold a particular position in the sky while they're watching for their next move.

Take note of the currents around and within you this month - those areas of flow. Like an eagle, keep your sight on your goal, and choose the current that will take you where you want to go. If you don't yet see your goal, practice the restraint of the eagle, and let the currents hold you right where you are until you know where it is you want to go.

Sun in Scorpio: 10.22.17 (PDT) - 11.21.17

Scorpio is the most no-nonsense, intense and deep sign of the zodiac. Its range of expression includes the primal depths and sting of the scorpion, the piercing vision of the eagle, and the rekindling blaze of the phoenix.

When the Sun transits through Scorpio, it's time to return to our roots in every way possible, and then channel our energy and efforts upwards and outwards from there. As we dig deep, we find treasures. Places you might find gold are in your ancestry, in your past, in spiritual and/or magical practices, in research, in honest and courageous sexual exchange, and in your own unique creative process. Scorpio asks us to hand our egos over - just for a while - and let some Mystery come through our being. Such experiences clear out the gunk we've accumulated, connect us with a power that is far greater than ourselves, and can ultimately change us forever.

What activities, places, and people enable you to really let go, and allow a creative force to move through you?

What ballast can you jettison this month?

What are your power/s, and how do you channel them?

Are there any ways you'd like to channel your power differently?

The Scorpio installment in a monthly series of classes that combine astrology, energy work, breathing and mindfulness practices that get you in alignment with the energy of the sign and season. These mindful body-centered classes bring balance in an age when our minds are over-used and over-stimulated. Learn through your body, heal through your awareness, and revitalize through your breath.

Herbs for the Scorpio month:

WOOD BETONY enables a more powerful experience of embodiment, and gives us a clear knowing vision, even as it calms and soothes our 21st century frayed nerves. And YELLOW DOCK helps with clearing out old energy (from the Scorpio-ruled-colon, the liver, and the mind), so you can stand in and move from your strength. And MUSHROOMS of all kinds, which create new life from dead things like good little Scorpionic beings, are also prime additions to your diet and teas at this time. Mushrooms (especially Reishi and Cordyceps) are also great for anyone struggling with air quality near the California fires.

Full Moon in Taurus: 11.3.17 at 10:23 pm (PDT)

Scorpio looks back in order to understand the present more clearly, so at this Taurus full moon, I recommend you look back, not just to the most recent new moon in Libra (on 10/19), but all the way back to the 4/26/17 new moon in Taurus.

What seeds were planted then that are in a stage of fruition now?

What plants didn't make it through the growing season?

How might that inform your next garden plans?

Full moons feel intense because the two bodies we feel the strongest here on Earth - our moon because it is so close, and the sun because it is so enormous and powerful - are on opposite sides of the sky. This creates a feeling of tension and full expansion, but also gives us a broad perspective. Venus - our experience of grace, and the ruler of that Taurus moon - is meanwhile opposed by Uranus in forceful Aries. This adds another layer of tension to our experience of this full moon, a repeated theme of war-versus-peace, and a powerful urge to create and/or destroy. Scorpio teaches us that creation and destruction are an interrelated orb of experience. Any act of creation requires the destruction of whatever existed before - the perfect dream becomes an imperfect reality, the new mother's self-centered identity ends the moment they bring a new life into the world.

Scorpio, in its eagle characteristic, also peers into the future. This full moon is in a position of torque to the next big eclipse, a full lunar eclipse on 1/31/18. We might say that this full moon stirs up the currents you'll be feeling at the dawn of 2018. So hover a bit and feel into that, whatever it is, so you can better align yourself come the time.

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Herbs for the Taurus Full Moon:

Brew up your favorite ROOTS at this full moon to help draw your energy downwards. In addition to Yellow Dock...

DANDELION is almost always a good herb at full moons, since it creates both a silvery, moon-like globe and a golden, sun-like blossom. BURDOCK is one of my favorite roots for bringing energy downwards in a nourishing and also cleansing way. GINGER also helps with a downwards action, and is particular good for anyone who tends towards chills or nausea. Add some CARDAMOM pods and HONEY to make your brew a bit more pleasurable, in alignment with Taurus' sensuality.

Invite Opportunity: 11.13.17 at 12:13 am (PDT)

Most years Venus and Jupiter - the two planets known as the benefics because they are said to bring benefit - conjoin just once. This year, this event occurs in Scorpio. I encourage you to engage in something that feels meaningful, and somehow deepens your involvement with that which is important to you on November 12th and/or 13th, as you're able. Doing so is like sewing seeds in the most rich soil possible.

New Moon in Scorpio: 11.18.17 at 3:42 am (PST)

Let's call this new moon The Deep Moon:

What (relationships, projects, commitments, research) do you feel called to take to a deeper level?

Just how deep can you go?

This new moon is 90° to the potent death-and-rebirth-infused 8/21/17 full solar eclipse, positioning this new moon at a pivot point from that event, so let's also call this new moon

The Torque Moon:

What did you let go of this summer?

What newness did that letting-go make room for?

How can you nourish those changes now?

Is there anything else in that area of your life/mind to let go of?

Herbs for the Scorpio New Moon:

I recommend a CEDAR frond bath at this new moon. If you live near cedars, you can respectfully pick a few fronds, and use them fresh in your bath. Cedar is a powerful herb for clearing out all manner of pathogens and intruders, be they microbial, emotional, or energetic. Cedar also gives one the backbone to deepen and commit to the right people/things in life. And it smells heavenly. If you don't have a bathtub, you can do a cedar foot bath or facial steam (let the cedar tea cool a little bit so you don't burn yourself, pour it into a bowl, and then lean over the bowl with a towel over your head to create a mini steam tent).

Next month...

Mercury graces us with another round of retrograde shenanigans, while some subtler shifts shimmer in the background of your awareness. Until then, feel free to schedule an astrology consultation or healing session, or drop me a line. Here's wishing you a month of depth, and empowering transformation. Thanks for reading, Rae


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