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The time has come to cut to the chase, to eliminate the extraneous, and to arise like a flaming phoenix, luminous.

Sun in Scorpio: 10/23/18 - 11/22/18

Everything you need to know about the sun's transit through Scorpio is right here, including herbs, insights & inquiries.

Full Moon in Taurus: 10/24/18 at 9:45 am PDT

This full moon has many planets and sensitive spots at odds with each other. I encourage you to read the Scorpio post, and focus on the "CUTTING AWAY & LETTING GO" and the "FACING THE SHADOW CONSTRUCTIVELY" sections. At this time, allow yourself to see what's been in the dark - things you've been afraid to look at, and accept these things. Then, cut away what's no longer useful, and integrate what is true (even if it's hard). Positive change will unfold from there.

New Moon in Scorpio: 11/7/18 at 8:02 am PST

This new moon is much gentler than that hefty full moon. Give yourself some alone time for introspection, sacred and/or creative practices, and integration. Check out the Scorpio post's "EMBRACE & CHANNEL MYSTERY," "CONNECT WITH YOUR ROOTS," & "POWER & POTENCY" sections for helpful inquiries.

Jupiter in Sagittarius: 11/8/2018 - 12/2/2019

This is a major shift that you'll feel for a year. Read all about it here.

Venus stations direct: 11/16/18 at 2:51 am PST

And until that date, Venus is retrograding, which means that we're re-evaluating. Read more about that here.

Mercury stations retrograde: 11/16/18 at 5:33 pm PST

You'll find helpful inquiries for this particular retrograde here, as well as everything you would ever want to know about Mercury retrogrades.

Next month...

Mercury completes its retrograde cycle as we descend into the dark days of the year - time to connect with our inner sun. As always, feel free to schedule a consultation or healing session for further support and insight. Here's wishing you a deep and enriching month. Peace, Rae


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