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Venus Retrograde 2018

Venus retrogrades are significant times when Venus' mundane expressions - finances and relationships - can be problematic or chaotic. The best way through is to re-evaluate & adjust what's happening for you in these areas, and make adjustments based on your actual priorities - which may have changed since you last took them into account.

Venus Retrograde: 10/5/18 - 11/16/18

Venus retrogrades in Scorpio & Libra this autumn, so we're re-evaluating & adjusting the following:

☞ POWER DYNAMICS in our relationships.

Where are you holding power, giving your power away, and - ideally - sharing power?

☞ DEEPER LONGINGS we have suppressed are making themselves known, and are demanding consideration in our lives, and in our relationships.

What forgotten desires & dreams are stirring within you these days?

How can you move towards those longings with both grace and integrity?

☞ QUESTIONS OF BALANCE & FAIRNESS - in our relationships with others & with ourselves.

Are you being fair with yourself?

Are you being fair with those you care about?

How can you effectively advocate for more fairness if you feel you are being treated unfairly?

Revisiting old themes:

Venus retrograded through a similar area of the zodiac in October-November of 2010, so you may find it helpful to review what was happening for you then, as you may find similar themes repeating, although perhaps in an evolved way - because you've changed and grown since then.

Re-Align yourself with what you love

Venus has to do with our power of attraction. During Venus retrogrades, what we're attracting indicates how closely aligned we are with what truly matters to us. This influence also indicates just how much we value ourselves and our contributions. So if you don't like what you're attracting, put more time and energy into what you really enjoy. This will shift what you attract to yourself. Remember that Venus is the goddess of love, and she favors those who align themselves with their love.


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