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Virgo 2019

Dear readers,

I hope you enjoy more succinct versions of my astrology reports now and in the coming months, as I redirect my writing energy towards a very special book project...

What does the word NATURE inspire in your mind/memory/imagination?

It's a complex word. Maybe you think of a forest, or of some other ecosystem. Maybe you think of the vastness of space, populated with stars, gases, molecules, and void. Nature is all of those things.

Nature is also a way of conveying what's true, as in being true to one's own nature. Virgo - i.e. virgin - originally meant whole unto oneself, meaning one needs nothing to complete oneself. After the Leo month of indulging our desires and expressing our creativity, we are invited to stop chasing, to stop outputting, and to instead harvest the bounty of the present, and just be ourselves within it.

When we are truly present, and wholly ourselves, we step into our innate mastery. Then we can offer the best of ourselves to others. This is the essence of the Virgo way, the way of this month.

Sun in Virgo: 8/23/19 - 9/23/19

Super new moon: 8/30/19 at 3:37 am PDT

This super new moon in Virgo instills practical action that leads to tangible results, but with twinges of tension and longing from your ideals and your need for freedom.

The elixir:

Take practical actions that are aligned with your ideals, and move you towards freedom of being. Full moon in Pisces: 9/13/19 at 9:32 pm PDT

By the full moon in Pisces, the above tensions are heightened and more overt.

The elixir:

Acknowledge but don't "buy" feelings of disappointment or futility. Trust the wisdom of your dreams and the boundlessness of your imagination to bring practical solutions into reality. A window of insight: 9/17/19 - 9/19/19

On 9/18, Saturn stations direct, so take note of any interesting events or encounters on or around that day.

The elixir:

Consider what practical actions, deconstructions, and reconstructions you may implement in the coming months that will move you in the direction of your truest goals, and enable you to give the very best of yourself to the world.

Next month...

We strive towards balance as we experience the autumn equinox, the last super new moon of the year, and Pluto's direct station. Feel free to schedule a session for one on one support. Here's wishing you a bountiful harvest this month, and a return to center, nature and wholeness - Rae


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