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Stillness & Motion

I was heading out of the eucalyptus grove when I stopped to listen to a sound that set off my internal alarms. I heard an animal running at full speed, getting closer to me. I couldn't see it yet, so I listened closely.

It was large.

It was moving fast.

Towards me.

It appeared from behind the brush, and turned onto my path, coming straight towards me at what was clearly its top speed.

It was a rabid dog...

No, a coyote...

No. It was a deer.

A deer was charging at me.

No. This deer was not charging at me. This deer was running from something else, and when it realized it was running towards me, it turned on a dime, leapt into the brush, and bounded away through the undergrowth. No other animal came to follow.

In this moment, I was profoundly aware of my own animal-ness, of the way fear had caused a deer to look like a rabid dog and then a coyote, of the way fear led me to believe that the deer was in any way interested in me. I merely happened to be there, and all that was in the deer's mind was that it was running for its life.

This moment is a microcosm of our basic human interactions. We are all at the center of our own stories, trying to outrun our fears or move towards our desires. Hopefully we stop to remember, honor and support the people in our lives who make all that fear and desire worth it. And hopefully we make time for stillness, so we can notice the ways that fears and desires shape our perceptions. This month especially invites that perspective-shifting stillness.

Sun in Aries: 3/20/18 - 4/19/18

For insights, meditations, and herbs for the sun's transit in Aries and the vernal equinox please follow this link.

Mercury Retrograde in Aries: 3/22/18 - 4/15/18

Everything you ever wanted to know about Mercury retrograde is right here. As for this particular retrograde cycle, here's the skinny:

What to rethink:

Your method & style of assertion & action

What to ask yourself:

Am I asserting myself too much or not enough?

Am I taking action and asserting myself in the right situations?

Am I taking action, or am I being re-active?

How does fear shape my perception?

How does desire shape my perception?

What this all means:

This retrograde will somewhat stymie the go-forth energy of Aries and early spring. This doesn't mean we'll be hanging back necessarily, but we'll probably be engaging in false starts, trial and error, and generally mucked up beginnings. Maintain a sense of humor around it all, and learn what you can. The kinks will iron out next month, and you'll be wiser and grateful for all you learned this month.

No, really.

Full Moon in Libra: 3/31/18 at 5:37 AM PDT

Full moons are inherently tense, but this one has some extra tension. Review those Mercury retrograde questions above at this full moon, and see what comes up for you. In particular, ask yourself -

Are my actions in alignment with my long-term goals?

Am I balancing my personal needs with the needs of those I care about?

What can I learn from the things that aren't working right?

What can I learn from the things that ARE working right?

New Moon in Aries: 4/15/18 at 6:57 PM PDT

This is the Breakthrough Moon, the Wake-Up Moon, the Liberation Moon. This new moon is infused with the energy of Mercury's direct station (the pause between the inhale and the exhale) and with the electrifying energy of Uranus. You might not make great outer strides today, but if you pay attention, you will know how to set your course from this point on.

Where do you feel stuck in your life, body, or mind?

What are some liberating actions you can take - even small ones?

What inspires you and gives you energy?

You may also wish to review the general thrust of Aries at this new moon.

Herbs for the 4/15/18 Aries new moon:

A solar infusion adds extra activation to your herbs to help court insights and awakenings. Put 1/4 cup of dry herbs of your choice in a quart jar of slightly warmed water, and place in a sunny spot for 4-6 hours. Strain, and then drink. One awakening recipe:

1 Tbsp peppermint

1 Tbsp ginkgo

1 tsp rose hips

2 tsp fresh ginger

1 Tbsp skullcap

Saturn Retrograde in Capricorn: 4/17/18 - 9/6/18

Saturn retrogrades are not so pesky as Mercury retrogrades, but be on the lookout 4/16 - 4/18 for any encounters that stir your senses of responsibility, boundaries, authority, commitment, and long-range planning. To understand the themes of this particular retrograde, read about Saturn's seminal transit through Capricorn here.

Chiron enters Aries: 4/17/18 - April 2027

Chiron is a small but influential body in our solar system, best known for carrying the "wounded healer" archetype. Chiron offers us the opportunity to resolve deeply held wounds, and it's now shifting from the forgiving waters of Pisces (since 2010) to the activating fire of Aries (until 2027). Read more on this influence here.

Next month... quiet on the surface, although there's some deeper stirrings as Pluto stations retrograde, and we hit the midpoint between the eclipse seasons. In the meantime, feel free to contact me or schedule a consultation or healing session. Here's wishing you a month of insight, of right-place-right-time, and of wholehearted willingness. Thanks for reading, Rae


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