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Into the DreamSpace

The world is full of that which defies logic -

If you've ever seen a single crow chase off an eagle, three or four times its size...

If you've ever watched a hummingbird hover and zoom, its wings moving so fast they're invisible...

If you've ever been caught in a rainstorm while the sun shone brightly and a rainbow emerged...

If you've ever taken in the intricate teeming of life in the impossible climate of a desert -

you know what I mean.

This month, I invite you -

to defy logic,

to step out of what seems probable

...into what's possible.

Sun in Pisces: 2/18/18 - 3/20/18

When the sun travels through Pisces, it's time to pay attention to your dreams - night dreams and day dreams. Mine your impossible fantasies for realizable potentials. Strip away the glitzy bits of dream-stuff, and uncover your unmet longings. Look them in the face, and say, "Hello."

It's also time to turn up the volume on your capacity to give and receive love. Love enables 1, forgiveness - which frees us from the heavy bonds of anger; 2, compassion - which opens the door of our heart to others; and 3, joy - which deepens and enriches experience, and inspires happiness in others. And love will help you through the vortices of ambivalence, confusion and overwhelm that can catch us in the Pisces season.

Pisces is the great soup of the zodiac, where all the ingredients of the other eleven signs merge into one unified everything-ness. As the Sun transits through the sign of the fish, we benefit from dissolving and merging with the vastness of being. This will enable us to better burst forth with the sureness and vitality of a renewed sense of self next month. This is also time to catch up on rest before the spring whisks us into a whirl of action.

Herbs for the Pisces month & Virgo Full Moon:

Drink a blend of equal parts mugwort, peppermint and clary sage before bed to enhance dream recall. If you suffer from nightmares, you may benefit from daily decoctions of liver supporting herbs - burdock root, milk thistle seed, and dandelion root (simmer these dense herbs in boiling water 10 minutes or longer). To enhance your imagination during the day, a blend of equal parts garden sage, ginkgo, and jasmine flowers is quite lovely.

Full Moon in Virgo: 3/1/18 at 4:51 pm PST

This full moon deeply encourages us to traverse the dream-space of Pisces. Consider what gets you into that vast territory of intuition and creativity - dance, meditation, poetry, herbs, sleep, daydreaming, or...? Surrender the known world of form and structure, and... the blurry brinks of possibility.

This is important work. Our dreams can inspire us to see our reality in new, innovative ways. This full moon is the apex of the lunation that began with 2/15's partial solar eclipse, so you may feel some intensity from that, as well as a strong tug'o'war between duty and dream. Tend to your responsibilities and tasks, but give them a cut-off time, and keep some dream-time sacred.

Jupiter Retrograde: 3/8/18 - 7/10/18

Jupiter's retrograde is a subtle yet notable influence when our attention shifts from expansion-growth-opportunity to reconnecting and realigning with what we believe in. This then shifts where, how, and with whom we choose to grow. Jupiter retrograding in Scorpio (read about Jupiter's transit in Scorpio here) implies we'll be looking at issues of trust.

Who do you trust?

Who do you not trust?

Do you trust yourself?

Consider where you've been experiencing exploration, opportunity, and growth - internally or externally - since mid-December 2017. Notice if these developments have shifted your beliefs. Notice if these developments jive with your beliefs.

What situations & projects do you believe in?

Are you involved in any situations & projects that you don't believe in?

What do you believe in?

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Mercury enters Retrograde shadow: 3/8/18

Mercury will retrograde in Aries 3/22/18 - 4/15/18, but between 3/8/18 - 3/22/18 you can catch glimmers of what you'll be rethinking, reworking, reassessing, learning. This is also the window of time when it's good to prepare for the retrograde by backing up your computers and other devices, and tuning up your modes of transportation (bikes, cars, hot air balloons, time machines, etc).

New Moon in Pisces: 3/17/18 at 5:11 am PST

This is a particularly tender new moon, a time to practice softness towards yourself. Old wounds may feel particularly stirred at this moon, so apply the balm of self-compassion, and consider how to nurture forth a healing resolution.

Read about Chiron's influence in this Pisces new moon here. May this quote guide you through this lunation (Pisces new moon until Aries new moon: 3/17 - 4/15) and through the Mercury retrograde (3/22 - 4/15):

"The soft overcomes the hard.

The slow overcomes the fast."

- The I Ching

Herbs for the Pisces New Moon:

Now's a good time to start some herbal spring cleaning, which will take pressure off of your immune system, and thus alleviate springtime allergy symptoms. I recommend a cold-water over-night infusion of CLEAVERS - 2 Tbsps in 2 cups water, strain in the AM & then drink throughout the day OR 5 drops tincture 3x/day. Cleavers clean the Pisces-ruled lymph, as well as the liver & gall bladder, & are good for clearing out the winter before we leap into the spring.

Next month...

We enter both spring and the fiery Aries month at the vernal equinox. However, the usual Aries forwards-momentum will be more of a two steps forward, one step back kinda feel because Mercury will be retrograde (3/22/18 - 4/15/18). In the meantime, feel free to contact me or schedule a consultation or healing session. Here's wishing you a month of dream-space and flow. Thanks for reading, Rae


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