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The last month of each season is a transitional time. There's a sense of closure in the air, and also of making ready for some other reality.

But... what is reality anyway?

What reality have you been in? What reality are you entering into? How different do you think those two realities might be? And how long of a bridge is it between the two?

“…there is no single reality. But the beauty of it is that you nevertheless go on, walking towards utopia, which may not exist, on a bridge which might end before you reach the other side.” – Marguerite Young

This month, we start to cross a bridge from one world to another.

Sun in Pisces: 2/18/19 - 3/20/19

A number of planetary events coincide with the sun's entry into Pisces this year, including the closest super full moon of 2019 (see below). This will feel like we're diving into the infinity of Pisces, rather than wading in slowly. Then, around the time of the new moon, another slew of planetary shifts occur, so you'll really feel like you're entering a new cycle. Go here for more on the solar month of Pisces, including herbal support, inquiries, and physical and emotional health practices.

Chiron re-enters Aries: 2/18/19

We have eight years to work through some Aries-related baggage with the help of Chiron. In myths, Chiron was the wise mentor to every Greek hero you've ever heard of, and also a great healer. And yet he bore a wound he himself could not cure - until he made a sacrifice for the benefit of another. Consider:

How will letting go help you assert yourself better?

How can you surrender willfulness in favor of willingness?

Are your actions in alignment with your true nature (physical, mental, emotional, & spiritual)? What actions can you take that are simultaneously in alignment with your true nature, of benefit to you, and also of benefit to others?

Full Moon in Virgo: 2/19/19 at 7:54 am PST

This super full moon (more on super moons here), occurring shortly after Chiron enters Aries, offers strong opportunities for entering into a deeper layer of healing. Consider that the word healing comes from the same root as the word whole. And the sign of Virgo is ultimately about being whole unto oneself, and in being whole, we are then able to offer our best selves in service of others.

What could you let go of that would bring you to a truer state of wholeness?

What could you add that would bring you to a truer state of wholeness?

Mercury retrograde in Pisces: 3/5 - 3/28/19

We close out winter, and enter spring with the first Mercury retrograde of 2019. For all you'll ever need to know about Mercury retrograde, go here. Mercury starts this retrograde in tight alignment with Chiron, so you may wish to review this Chiron post as well for further insights into the themes of this retrograde cycle. Here are some useful inquiries:

What are your (night & day) dreams teaching you?

How do your perceptions shift when you enter a vaster experience of mind and heart?

How do your thoughts and perceptions shift when you cultivate forgiveness for those you are angry with, (including yourself)?

Uranus re-enters Taurus: 3/6/19

This influence gives us seven years to activate and liberate trapped energy in all things Taurean, such as:

☞ our neck, throat, and lower jaw

☞ our sense of self worth

☞ living in alignment with our true values

☞ cultivating an experience of peace and plenty

New Moon in Pisces: 3/6/19 at 8:04 am PST

This new moon, occurs shortly after Mercury stations retrograde and Uranus enters Taurus, and it's aligned with dissolving, transmuting Neptune, and with Saturn, the task-master and manifestor. Things are changing! But more specifically, we all need to do some letting go before we can build the new reality we dream of. You'll find helpful support for this new moon, and for letting go in the Pisces post. In particular, I highly recommend the herbal foot bath suggested at the bottom of that post.

What are you hanging onto that's "past its due date"?

What doesn't fit with the reality you're intending to create?

What would embodying and fully living that new reality feel like?

Next month...

We start spring with Mercury in retrograde, so we'll dive in tentatively, and with our senses wide open this spring. Book a private consult to see what's in store for you as the world wakes up. Here's wishing you healing and inspiring dreams throughout this month - Rae


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