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Sagittarius & Late Autumn

Sun in Sagittarius: Roughly 11/21 - 12/21

Physics teaches us that every action creates an equal and opposite reaction. In Scorpio, we went down into such darkness and depth that we then find ourselves catapulted up to the luminous heights of Sagittarius. From this expansive perspective, we are able to explore new frontiers, gain insight that fuels our conviction, and shine a light to inspire others. We are immersed in these energies at this time, and we revisit the themes below at the full moon in Sagittarius, during the Gemini solar month.

Big Picture Thinking

It's time to focus on the Big Picture of your life and of life in general. We benefit from asking WHY at this time. Ask yourself with an open and curious mind, without judgment:

Why these people?

Why these things?

Why these activities?

Why this place?

Get Outside

You can't see the big picture when you're in the midst of the picture. We need to get outside of our routines to get some perspective at this time. Sagittarius urges us to seek inspiration in moments of awe and wonder.

You may find perspective through...

☞ physical distance - i.e. travel.

☞ getting out in nature, away from the human hubbub.

☞ philosophy, religion, prayer, or meditation - i.e. mind travel.

Expand into what has heart & meaning

The solar month of Sagittarius is a time of expansiveness, of "much-ness". It's the last bustling hurrah before we condense into winter. There's lots to do, lots to gather, lots to take in, lots of people to connect with, and lots of distances to travel. Lots of lots. Yet we need to pause occasionally to inquire within ourselves -

What is worth doing?

Which relationships, places, experiences, and activities feed your spirit?

What expands your mind-and-heart?


The sign of the archer bids us to choose a direction, take aim, and let loose the arrow of our wonder. The centaur merges animal instincts with divine spark. This month, we are the horse-body running, the god-head inquiring, and the arrow flying. Whether over land, sea, or mind-space, we need to travel.

What, who or where are you inspired to explore these days?

If you could make a "pilgrimage" to a place that is sacred to you, where would that be?

What does that choice of destination tell you about yourself?

How do you like to travel in the infinite regions of your mind?


As the sun rolls through Sagittarius, we draw our energy and light from our beliefs. In this time of digital distraction and rational thought, many of us don't know what we really believe in. This inquiry can help:

What does your enthusiasm tell you about what you really believe?

What gives you a sense of spark and kindle?

What's the "Big Stuff" for you?

When are you able to act/speak with the most confidence?

Take a Leap of Faith

We are invited now to leap across chasms into new frontiers. This is not a passive activity. One doesn't accidentally soar across an abyss. This is an action taken with conviction, enthusiasm, boldness, and above all, faith.

What actions would support and/or emanate from your beliefs?

What leaps do you sense before you?

Can you be both curious and courageous as you dive into the Unknown?

And the most important question in order to make a successful leap:

Is your heart open?

Herbs to align with Sagittarius:

GARDEN SAGE is a calming herb that awakens and inspires the mind, setting a smooth and flowing pace to our thoughts, our mucus, and our bodily rhythms. Energetically, sage helps us understand and find inspiration to move forwards from painful experiences. For a stronger effect on your emotions and spirit, I recommend the flower essence.

BORAGE is an encouraging herb that helps us rekindle a sense of buoyancy and spark when our reserves our low. This is a time of year when our animal instinct asks us to slow down at the same time that our society asks us to step up the pace and do more. If you are physically depleted, borage herb or tincture can help replenish you. If, however, you need a boost in your courage, use the flower essence to ignite you into heart-led action.

For a deeper exploration of Sagittarius...

Feel free to schedule a consultation. Here's wishing you a month of positive growth and inspired leaps. With warmth, Rae


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