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CAPRICORN 2019-2020

In the month ahead, we'll experience two eclipses, and a rare alignment of planets, all of which will propel us forwards in changes we've felt coming for a while now. Depending on your circumstances, that propulsion may happen internally, externally, or both. However you experience these shifts now, the ramifications of this month's events will continue to unfurl throughout the coming year.

The golden rule for 2020 is:

What you've experienced thus far does NOT define what's ahead for you.

In other words, if you are open to change, your life will open up beyond what you can now imagine.

In other words, get out of the way, and let the universe work its magic.

Sun in Capricorn: 12/21/19 - 1/20/20

To align with the general flow of the Capricorn month, please visit this post for useful inquiries, perspectives, and supportive herbs. Read on below, however, as this is not your average trip through the sign of the sea-goat. In particular, note the "Saturn & Pluto conjoin" section.

Winter Solstice: 12/21/19 at 8:19 pm PST

Winter solstice marks the moment when we shift from growing darkness to growing light. It's like kindling a spark into a tiny flame in the dark of night. More on winter solstice here.

Solar Eclipse in Capricorn: 12/25/19 at 9:13 pm PST

Are you willing to try something new in the coming year?

Are you willing to let go of something dense and weighty in order to create space for that newness?

To be clear, weight and density do not necessarily imply negativity, but rather presence and substance. Often, letting go means getting rid of unnecessary junk, like throwing out things you don't use or like anymore. Or we find ourselves needing to let go internally of something that has ended externally.

And sometimes, letting go involves getting rid of something that we have a more complicated relationship with - it's still alive, useful, and maybe even beloved, but it's just not right anymore. And in fact, it stands in the way of what is right. That's the essence of this eclipse. It could be something tangible, conceptual, subtle, or downright monumental, but something in your life needs to make way for something new that's waiting in the wings.

Whatever it is that you let go of, I recommend you do so with gratitude:

What did you gain and learn from your experience with this place, relationship, belief, or situation?

Lunar Eclipse in Cancer: 1/10/20 at 11:21 am PST

There is great impulse at this time to strive higher, farther, and bigger than we ever have before. But no matter how hard we work, we cannot succeed without the right support. Behind any success story, whether fictional or actual, there is a team behind the main player.

What/who will support you in making a successful leap of faith in the direction of what you really believe in?

What/who will sustain and inspire you on the long haul ahead?

What will draw support to you?

Hints: Asking for help is an option.

Finding people who share your beliefs will put you among sympathetic souls.

Uranus stations direct: 1/10/20

The 1/10 eclipse is influenced also by Uranus' direct station. This planet is the liberator of trapped energy, but we need to be willing to try something new in order to experience the freedom it offers us. Consider how your mind has opened since August, and what opportunities that newfound openness might draw to you in the coming months.

Also - what new people or communities have entered your life in the last few months? These also offer possibilities for liberating change.

Saturn & Pluto Conjoin: 1/12/20

These two planets don't come together all that often. The last time was in 1982, and the next time will be in the year, 2053. When we add up the ingredients of Pluto (hidden processes of transformation that end in some kind of emergence of new life), Saturn (processes of condensation, concentration, and formation) and Capricorn (structures, roles, status quo), here's what we get:

☞ Breaking down of structures that are no longer sustainable.

☞ Replacing of these structures with updated formations, systems, and roles.

☞ Emergence of whatever's been brewing in unseen places in the past few years.

The ramifications of these two planets coming together will be felt throughout this year. You'll especially feel these themes reawaken in the summer.

Next month...

The dust settles after the change of the year, and then we get to reorient ourselves in the first Mercury retrograde of the year. Until then, here's wishing you a month of light in dark place-times, and ever truer alignment - Rae


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