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LEO 2019

Ah, the creative process of life:

We take some steps forwards... make some things... feel great about them... and then feel terrible about them... tear them apart... or some mysterious windstorm blows them to another dimension... we get lost in confusion with no sense of which way is forwards...

...and then the next thing we know...

...we are humming along in a flow state, not knowing whether we are creating something, or whether we ourselves are the ones being created. Welcome to the month of Leo 2019. Watch especially for interesting events, encounters, and alignments on 7/31 and 8/11...

Sun in Leo: 7/22/19 - 8/23/19

For working with the energies of Leo, including supportive herbs and inquiries, please visit this post.

Mercury stations direct: 7/31/19

Mercury began its retrograde on 7/7 in Leo, and is now moving through Cancer. So we began with these questions (7/7 - 7/19):

Where, with whom, and in what is my heart engaged?

Where is my heart no longer engaged?

But then our questions shifted to this (7/19 - 7/31):

Who are my people?

What nourishes me? What no longer nourishes me?

What do I wish to nurture and cultivate?

Now that we've learned about where our hearts are engaged, what nourishes us, and what we wish to nourish, we can move forwards in a more centered and whole-hearted way. Enjoy that, but also revisit the Mercury retrograde precautions and trouble-shooting guides here.

Mercury stations direct on the degree of the 7/16/19 lunar eclipse, so you may feel a revisiting of themes that came up for you then - tensions between the current swiftness of internal shifts and simultaneous slowness of external shifts, for example.

Super New Moon in Leo: 7/31/19

This is the first of three super new moons in a row. This means you'll feel the energy of this new moon more than usual, and the opportunity for a fresh start is a bit more potent. This is intensified by Mercury stationing direct on this day. You are now primed to initiate new patterns in your life, creativity, self-care, and relationships, based on what you've learned in the past three weeks. There is also an impulse for freedom and change, and a strong opportunity for progress in resolving deeply held wounds.

Make 1-3 wishes for the benefit of yourself today - what do you wish?

Make 1-3 wishes for the benefit of others today - what and for whom do you wish?

For supportive herbs and further inquiries for this new moon, please visit this post.

A wee portal opens: 8/10/19 - 8/12/19

Jupiter stations direct in Sagittarius on the morning of 8/11, and Uranus stations retrograde in Taurus about thirteen hours later. Both of these planets deal with the future and with freedom in different ways, so this strikes me as a day in which you might catch a sneak peek at liberating potentials ahead for you. Bare in mind that the future is infinitely malleable, but do pay attention 8/10 - 8/12, and note any significant encounters or events. The retrogrades of these planets won't affect you in overt ways. The shift is more subtle and internal.


How might aligning with your beliefs enable you to make a major leap forwards?

Have you cultivated or identified any beliefs you now want to take action on?

How might prioritizing liberate you and revolutionize your life?

What are your priorities these days?

Full Moon in Aquarius: 8/15/19

This is the moon of Unentangled Participation*, as it carries an interesting combination of open-hearted, whole-hearted engagement and presence, as well as an almost analytical detachment.

How would the various situations and relationships in your life unfold if you engaged in them with an open heart, and without any agenda or attachment to outcome?

For supportive herbs and further inquiries for this full moon, please visit this post.

Next month...

Practical, earthy actions will be the name of the game, as we experience the closest and most potent super new moon of 2019 in the sign of Virgo, and Saturn stations direct in Capricorn. Until then, feed your heart, and come see me if you need some personal guidance and support. Best wishes - Rae

*Unentangled Participation is a term coined by a German Buddhist monk. I learned of it from the Theravadan monk, Ajahn Amaro.


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