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Taurus & Mid-Spring

Sun in Taurus: the middle of spring

We are immersed in these energies at this time, and we revisit the themes below at the full moon in Taurus, during the Scorpio solar month.

Settling & Stabilizing

After the quick and igniting month of Aries, we slow down and ground ourselves into the manifested here and now. We strive for stability and serenity this month, but our efforts are more effective when we remember that peace is generated within - and then emanates outwards.

Grounding & Getting Real

Being the earthiest of all earth signs, Taurus can teach us to stay in touch with reality. Reality itself is neutral, so if you are not feeling neutral you are probably teetering away from the edge of reality. If things look gloomy, consider what is still good for you and in the world, and hold both the hard and the soft in your awareness. If things look rosy, hold that blossoming moment with tender fingertips as you take in also what is troubling in the world. That is reality - it is sad that the gazelle is eaten by the lion, but also the lion is beautiful, and the sky is vast, and the sun continues to rise and set.

Cultivating what Matters Most

When the sun rolls through the sign of the bull, it's time to dig our feet and hands into the earth. This can literally mean working in your actual garden, but it also means cultivation in general. In last month's blast through Aries, we got moving. Now it's time to settle into the motion, and maybe slow it down a touch so you can connect more deeply with the elements of your life that matter most to you. In order to do that, you need to know what matters most to you, and that's just what we are reassessing right now.

What/whom do you cherish?

What "seeds" can you plant to grow MORE of what you CHERISH?

What are the best soil and environmental conditions for those "plants" to grow in?

What kind of care will you need to put into those "plants"?

Herbs for the Taurus month:

A couple different herbal approaches to cleaning out work well in mid-spring. Pick the one that seems most appropriate for your mind and body.

1, Spring is an excellent time for lightening up, so you can work with infusions of flowers, which are generally calming, cooling and cleansing, and resonate with Taurus' planetary ruler, Venus - LAVENDER, CHAMOMILE, ROSE PETALS/BUDS, CHRYSANTHEMUM, HONEYSUCKLE (in moderation), JASMINE.

2, Alternatively, Taurus' call to return to the earth's solidity resonates with a more rooted approach - still cleaning out the winter's cobwebs, but in a more scrubbing out method with roots - BURDOCK, YELLOW DOCK, and DANDELION.

For a Deeper Exploration of Taurus...

...feel free to schedule a consultation.

Wishing you a month of peace and positive growth, Rae


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