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Scorpio & mid-autumn

Sun in Scorpio: roughly 10/22 - 11.22

Scorpio is the most no-nonsense, intense, and deep sign of the zodiac. Its range of expression includes the primal depths and sting of the scorpion, the piercing vision of the eagle, and the rekindling blaze of the phoenix. We are immersed in these energies at this time, and we revisit the themes below at the full moon in Scorpio, during the Taurus solar month. As the sun (and full moon) pass through this sign, we are invited to experience any and all of those archetypes. Here's how:

Connect with your roots

​It's time to look beyond the appearances of things, to dig beneath the surface, to commune with our roots. This process takes effort and courage, but it ultimately empowers us. You'll garner more support in manifesting your dreams by tapping into your roots. Roots include:

☞ Ancestors and parents.

What do your ancestors have to teach you, and what support do they offer?

How can you connect with your ancestors in a way that feels good to you?

☞ Teachers and other past influences.

Are there any music, books, people, or places that once moved you deeply that you'd like to revisit?

☞ The love that lies beneath your longings.

Is your life in alignment with your deepest desires?

What (relationships, projects, commitments, research) do you feel called to take to a deeper level?

☞ The fear that lies beneath your anger, striving, insecurity, and anxiety. Once we know what we're really afraid of, our fear has less power over us.

Beneath it all, what are you really afraid of?

Embrace & Channel Mystery

Scorpio asks us to hand our egos over - just for a while - and let some Mystery come through our being. Such experiences clear out the gunk we've accumulated, connect us with a power that is far greater than ourselves, and can ultimately change us forever.

What activities, places, and people enable you to get out of your usual thinking patterns, let go, and allow a creative/mysterious force to move through you?

Cutting away & Letting go

The root word of Scorpio means "to cut." And so we cut away the extraneous at this time, prune back to the essentials, and thus disclose a previously obscured truth.

How to prune back to the essentials:

Recognize the fleetingness of your life.

Recognize the fleetingness of everyone, every experience, everything you encounter.

What ballast can you jettison this month?

Is there anything you need to cut away in order to live and love more truly?

If you had a year to live, how would you spend that precious time?

Facing the shadow constructively:

This is the month for "shadow-work." Our "shadow" is not necessarily bad, but it does encompass all those parts of ourselves we have a hard time looking at and owning. One of the ways we encounter our shadow is through projecting it onto others.

What most upsets you in the actions/attitudes of others?

How can you witness these flaws in yourself and others with compassion?

Hint: Replace judgment with forgiveness.

Power & Potency

Ultimately, all of the above processes reconnect us to our true power. When we stand in our power, we have the ability to accomplish much good in the world. Keeping ourselves smaller and lesser than we really are does no one any good.

What would you like to do for or give to the world?

What inner strengths & outer abilities can you build that will help you accomplish that?

Are there any ways you'd like to channel your power differently?

Herbs for the solar month of Scorpio:

GARLIC to help you see in the dark, and also for protection from microbial and other pernicious influences.

GINGER to warm your interior and decongest physical, mental and spiritual blockages.

YELLOW DOCK clears out old energy from the Scorpio-ruled-colon, as well as the liver and the mind, so you can stand in and move from your strength.

CEDAR clears out all manner of pathogens and intruders, be they microbial, emotional, or energetic. It also gives one the backbone to deepen and commit to the right people/things in life.

MUSHROOMS of all kinds, which create life from death, and teach us about the underlying interconnectedness of all things.

For a Deeper exploration of Scorpio...

...feel free to schedule a consultation. Here's wishing you a month of depth, letting go, and renewal. With care, Rae


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